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1. Megan231 said on 12/12/11 - 10:25AM
I think ryan looks alot better then evan good choice.
2. Jenna L said on 12/12/11 - 10:26AM
Was there a pole for who looks better?
3. dena said on 12/12/11 - 10:27AM
So is he the model now or is evan?
4. Carrie A. said on 12/12/11 - 10:28AM
Yea evan got replaced by ryan. ryan's alot better looking I think
5. Sue09 said on 12/12/11 - 10:29AM
I agree Ryan has a more mature look.
6. lesly G said on 12/12/11 - 10:30AM
Hey how do i write ryan a question?
7. Jamie L said on 12/12/11 - 10:31AM
You just write on here. I think the web host sends it to him.
8. Jessica L said on 12/12/11 - 10:32AM
Ryan do you live in Colorado?
9. jared w said on 12/12/11 - 10:33AM
So evan got the boot ha ha ha
10. Felissa p said on 12/12/11 - 10:34AM
I guess so oh well, ryan looks way better =) So ryan are you mayhem and against the ocean?
11. Windy A said on 12/12/11 - 10:36AM
I like this alot better, ryan looks like he at least has a personality.
12. Erick B said on 12/12/11 - 10:36AM
I think there just friends or maybe more I don't know but the's hot!!!!
13. Dan P. said on 12/12/11 - 10:37AM
Ryan can you get me on with mayhem? and when does that start?
14. Kathy J said on 12/24/11 - 08:03AM
ryan looks fat. christy should work out more...
15. Carrie A. said on 12/26/11 - 03:47AM
Okay I agree ryan does a little plump, and christy looks like she works out too much and should tone it down.
16. Sue09 said on 12/26/11 - 03:48AM
I think christy is beautiful, but I'm not sure about the blonde hair I think she should go darker.
17. Megan231 said on 12/26/11 - 03:49AM
I think Ryan looks really good with Christy, but he does look alittle over weight.
18. Becky M said on 12/26/11 - 03:49AM
Not so much over weight, but his abs need work if hes gonna do against the ocean.
19. Sue09 said on 12/26/11 - 03:50AM
Sometimes I think christy is to skinny I like her tone but not too much.
20. dena said on 12/26/11 - 03:52AM
I would buy the calendar much more with ryan on it then that evan dude he looked really lame she out shined him, it looked like a janitor standing next to a model trying to grab a photo op. lol
21. Denver guy11 said on 12/26/11 - 03:53AM
Does ryan have good abs? and how often does he workout?
22. Carrie A. said on 12/26/11 - 03:54AM
I'm for team ryan & christy I hope you guys do great ignore all the haters.
23. Dreamteam 2010 said on 12/26/11 - 04:05AM
I'm a former crew member and I just want to say that i wish christy good luck in her dreams and hopes. I listened to the tabloids instead of coming to my friend and getting her side. She has been thru alot and always seems to give no matter how people miss treat her. I forgot to remember how kind she always was to me. I hope you can forgive someday I miss your friendship and how you never judged me and accepted me for who I am. Dreamteam 2010
24. Brutedogg11 said on 12/26/11 - 04:07AM
Wow that last post was deep. We all miss judge and wish we could go back.
25. katy l CSU said on 12/26/11 - 04:08AM
I bet she'd take you back in a second. She seems very kind and very forgiving.
26. Lance j said on 12/26/11 - 04:09AM
I could never treat a friend that way no matter what they did. I would come to them first to get the scoop. Real friendships are hard to kind.
27. Keller M. said on 12/26/11 - 04:11AM
Have the stuff you read in the news and tabloids are half bull s*** anyway. I feel sorry for anyone who has to put with that s***
28. Mav - San Diego said on 12/27/11 - 08:19AM
I want to see more of Matt with Christy. I hear they are spending New Years together. Is this true?
29. Paige - Colorado said on 12/27/11 - 08:25AM
Where is Matt? I would like to see more photos of that hunk of a man. He is the total package! Wonder why Christy hasn't jumped on him yet. That Matt will go far.
30. Johnny Campisi - OHIO said on 12/27/11 - 08:34AM
Team Ryan and Christy? No way... Im for Matt and Christy!! Matt fits the part to a "T". Wonder what Matts workout routine consists of. Probably benching school buses and curling rail road ties. If Matt and Christy were a couple, Id refer to them as Ken and Barbie.
31. Kayla said on 12/27/11 - 10:28AM
I want to hear more about Matt Kuck. in the new upcoming Mayhem 4! I can't wait till it comes out!
32. Heather L. said on 12/27/11 - 10:40AM
Who is this "Matt" Character? Where did he come from? Is he dating anyone? Love his pictures.
33. CJ Hines said on 12/27/11 - 10:58AM
I happen to know Matt personally and I think he is a real class act. He served for our country and volunteers time to help today's youth. He is a real generous guy with a BIG heart and even bigger biceps. He is tough enough to seize ships from drug lords yet gentile enough to play with children. My niece and nephew adore him and every moment they get to spend with him. He is Matt B. Kuck! My best friend. San Diego misses you Matt!
34. Brutedogg11 said on 12/27/11 - 11:42AM
Who's Matt?
35. Nate P said on 12/27/11 - 11:43AM
I thought it was Ryan & Christy in Against The Ocean? Is Matt also in ATO?
36. Brutedogg11 said on 12/27/11 - 11:44AM
Okay now I know who Matt is, he's the guy in Mayhem
37. larisa said on 12/27/11 - 11:44AM
Is he from Cali?
38. Gatorboi said on 12/27/11 - 11:45AM
I think Christy is hot!
39. Gina W ASU said on 12/27/11 - 11:46AM
Is Christy in Mayhem?
40. Sue09 said on 12/27/11 - 11:47AM
No she's in ATO and Splash & Dive I think that one guy was asking about Matt & Christy, and Matts in Mayhem.
41. Nate P said on 12/27/11 - 11:47AM
Oh okay, I was lost for a second.. Who's Matt again?
42. Windy G said on 12/27/11 - 11:48AM
He's The Body!!! love it and he does have a body..
43. frances p said on 12/27/11 - 11:49AM
Where did you see that Matt guy?
44. G-girlrr said on 12/27/11 - 11:51AM
I think Mark is hot!
45. CD-Gunnison said on 12/27/11 - 11:53AM
No Ryan's is but he needs a tan bad if hes going to run with the beach crowd!
46. Lisa W said on 12/27/11 - 11:54AM
I don't think he's fat but I do think Matt has the better body!
47. katy l CSU said on 12/27/11 - 11:54AM
The Body is just that.. The Body!
48. Baker j said on 12/27/11 - 11:56AM
Can I please have a signed picture of Christy in her calendar?
49. Harker B. said on 12/27/11 - 11:56AM
What happen to evan?
50. Kelsey k said on 12/27/11 - 11:57AM
He got the boot and Ryan took his place ha ha loser
51. Jessica L said on 12/27/11 - 11:58AM
Ryan looks better then Evan & Matt!
52. Cali girl 26 said on 12/27/11 - 11:58AM
Yea but he doesn't have a tan.
53. Harker B. said on 12/27/11 - 11:59AM
He can always get a tan!
54. becca 16 said on 12/27/11 - 12:00PM
Ryan is way hot I could careless about his tan besides he lives in Idaho right duh duh NO SUN
55. Sarah33 said on 12/27/11 - 12:01PM
He's not in Idaho you turd... He's in Colorado hiding out with all the other celeb's up in Aspen
56. Surfer girrrl 44 said on 12/27/11 - 12:05PM
Matt can you call me 213 ***-**** please
57. Ben C. Mass said on 12/27/11 - 12:06PM
Why do people keeps asking for there numbers? Do you think they're really call you up? PS Christy call me 702 ***-****
58. Lance j said on 12/27/11 - 12:08PM
Christy's a friggin freak of nature Dam she's gorgeous... Is she dating Ryan or Matt?
59. Kim K said on 12/27/11 - 12:10PM
Happy New Year Chrissie girl, you stayed classy when the haters pounced and kept your eyes on the prize.
60. Erick B said on 12/27/11 - 12:11PM
You go Christy! get your dream and leave everyone in the dust..
61. Jenna L 22 said on 12/27/11 - 12:12PM
Is ryan and chris friends or what?
62. Alison N said on 12/27/11 - 12:13PM
Christy,,, do you ever get tired of people trying to hit on you?
63. Hawk101 said on 12/27/11 - 12:14PM
I want to see more of Christy F*** these dudes there all second rate
64. creeper west side said on 12/27/11 - 12:15PM
So evan got the boot ha ha ha
65. C.Warren118 said on 12/27/11 - 12:17PM
Ryan's next he doesn't look like he got the juice, now Matt on the other hand hes pumped and ready to run
66. Rachel L said on 12/27/11 - 12:19PM
I say give ryan a chance he's just getting started and he looks ready to kick some a** he doesn't look like an easy mark at all. He's got the lotto ticket and he's not giving it up to anyone...
67. Mav - San Diego said on 12/28/11 - 12:05PM
Matt is called "the body" for a reason. But that, by far, is not his strong suit. His personality is his strong suit. He doesnt let things get to his head like Evan did. Matt has exactly what it takes to be Mr.Mayhem. Christy deserves no one but Matt by her side.Ryan is cool and laid back but does not have the edge required to fulfill the extreme scenarios they will be put into in Fiji.
68. Megan C.U. said on 12/29/11 - 07:30AM
Matt sounds like he has his own fan club, and he does look pretty good but face it Matt. Christy could do it all on her own!
69. Sonja K said on 12/29/11 - 07:33AM
I know right ha ha! She's the star and I happen to think that Ryan looks a hell or a lot better then Matt.. Id even settle for Marcial!
70. Brutedogg11 said on 12/29/11 - 07:34AM
I agree she could ride without anyone else!
71. lesly G said on 12/29/11 - 07:36AM
I just wanna say I think Matt has a great body fast, and hard.
72. A.J. G#87 said on 12/29/11 - 07:38AM
I could careless about that, I just want Christy's number ha ha or "f" it call me 213 ***-**** or text
73. Baker j said on 12/29/11 - 07:38AM
Matt WHO?????
74. katy l CSU said on 12/29/11 - 07:40AM
Question who would you rather buy a calendar of Christy & ?
75. Sue09 said on 12/29/11 - 07:40AM
76. Michelle l said on 12/29/11 - 07:41AM
Ryan & Christy
77. Lisa W said on 12/29/11 - 07:41AM
Chris & Ryan
78. Alison N said on 12/29/11 - 07:42AM
Ryan, chrissy..
79. Olivia d said on 12/29/11 - 07:43AM
matt =)
80. Rachel L said on 12/29/11 - 07:44AM
For sure Ryan & Christy they just look really good together!
81. Carrie A. said on 12/29/11 - 07:45AM
I don't know I really liked Ryan and chris, but matt's pretty hot. maybe its because he older and i'm 32
82. Wazup22 said on 12/29/11 - 07:46AM
No F*** that Ryan better hold on to his S*** don't give up to that steroid gym rat
83. Kayla W said on 12/29/11 - 07:48AM
Christy and Ryan.
84. Hawk101 said on 12/29/11 - 07:48AM
Ryan fa sho he just looks better with her..
85. Lori B said on 12/29/11 - 07:49AM
I really like ryan but i wonder how long he'll last but I still wouldn't us Matt he just looks to big
86. karen c said on 12/29/11 - 07:51AM
I agree ryan has really nice eyes and he and christy reminds me of Nick & Jessica form that mtv show.
87. mary r said on 12/29/11 - 07:52AM
Yes they do but remember what happen to them. he cheated and the show closed down ha ha dum a** lol
88. Lisa L said on 12/29/11 - 07:53AM
I like ryan better he just looks like a man you can count on.
89. Donna B. said on 12/29/11 - 12:44PM
I know right ryan for sure
90. becca 16 said on 12/29/11 - 12:45PM
Whos' matt again?
91. Alison N said on 12/29/11 - 12:46PM
Ryan has a really rugged look, I think he can tame the Chrisster
92. becca 16 said on 12/29/11 - 12:46PM
Is matt like wanting to take ryans place or something?
93. A.J. #67 said on 12/29/11 - 12:47PM
Matt, do even know christy?
94. Erick B said on 12/29/11 - 12:48PM
I choose ryan he down in a cowboi way!
95. Bailey8.0 said on 12/29/11 - 12:49PM
What, bulls*** he's no cowboy it's just a picture you a**
96. Becky M said on 12/29/11 - 12:50PM
YOu don't have to be rude she was just saying he looks good in the hat
97. Joey A said on 12/29/11 - 12:50PM
Love you chrissy babe
98. Kourtney f said on 12/29/11 - 12:51PM
I think ryan has the right stuff over whats his face?
99. Evan =) said on 12/29/11 - 12:52PM
For Christy,,, A heart needs a second chance! Evan
100. Erick B said on 12/29/11 - 12:53PM
Ryan hands down has the better face and body
101. Hawkins j said on 12/29/11 - 12:54PM
She makes me smile =)
102. Monica S said on 12/29/11 - 12:55PM
Ryan are you up for some beer pong ? call me 720 ***-**** Monica S facebook me
103. Gunner11 said on 12/29/11 - 12:56PM
Ryans a model now ha ha wow thats kick a**
104. becca 16 said on 12/29/11 - 12:57PM
MATT WHO ????????????????????????
105. Nathan G. said on 12/29/11 - 12:58PM
Christy & that other model model evan sucked so matt wouldn't be much better he's an old fart... Ryans the Man!!!
106. Mav - San Diego said on 12/30/11 - 12:41PM
All these comments are purely based on personal opinion and as we know, opinions differ quite a bit from person to person. FACT: Matt is not nor ever was a steroid user. Many long hours go into conditioning his body every day. All you Shyt talkers out there need to recognize who you are talking about before talking about someone you know nothing about. FACT: For a photo shoot, body next to body, Christy and Matt look the part. Im not bagging on Ryan but someone as beautiful as Christy needs to be next to a hard body. Touchups can be done afterward, but you cannot touch up a whole body and make it a hard body. For a calendar, image is everything. Matt and Christy all the way!!!
107. Megan231 said on 12/30/11 - 02:29PM
I still like ryan better.. but I do agree with your opinion about who would look better next to christy since it is a romance calendar, I bought it because of the story line I guess my question for matt would be; are you closer to christy then ryan?
108. Chelsea M said on 12/30/11 - 02:32PM
Thats a good question, I liked the fact that the two people were friends or could be more, I mean give me a reason to spend $35 dollars..
109. cherry 2000 said on 12/30/11 - 02:34PM
Okay Mav- I agree he has a good body but most gym guys have no heart... and I've never seen a picture of him and christy together to I can't really judge
110. Sue09 said on 12/30/11 - 02:35PM
People please,, there can be only one guy for the calendar,, ryan's it for the moment or until he f**** it up and christy gives him the boot ha ha
111. Denver guy11 said on 12/30/11 - 02:37PM
Ha ha that TRUE! she's got the power and she must have some say in it.. She doesn't strike me as a dumb blonde.
112. Windy A said on 12/30/11 - 02:39PM
I just want to say that I'm still for team Marcial he's the sh**
113. Brutedogg11 said on 12/30/11 - 02:40PM
What about doing the calendar without either? now thats a thought.
114. A.J. #67 said on 12/30/11 - 02:41PM
Idiot its a romance calendar! 2 people, love, joy, happiness, and all that sh**
115. katy l CSU said on 12/30/11 - 02:42PM
I wonder what christy thinks about all this?
116. Nathan G. said on 12/30/11 - 02:43PM
I think she thinks "whatever" she always comes across as very calm and collected. So she probably isn't loosing any sleep over it.
117. Stan#44 CU said on 12/30/11 - 02:44PM
I don't ryan will last anyway so matt could get his shot.
118. C.Warren118 said on 12/30/11 - 02:44PM
Why do you say that?
119. Brutedogg11 said on 12/30/11 - 02:46PM
its gotta be based on some type of numbers system or ratings like everything and matt does have that sorta camera ready for the world body.
120. A.J. G#87 said on 12/30/11 - 02:47PM
Did I disappoint you christy? A.J.
121. lesly G said on 12/30/11 - 02:48PM
Who's A.J.?
122. John L17 said on 12/30/11 - 02:52PM
Look I'm on this thing to see if i can catch christy girrrl on her maybe she might see my post and shoot me a text
123. Kami Y said on 12/30/11 - 02:53PM
124. Sarah33 said on 12/30/11 - 02:54PM
team matt... mav has a point!
125. wison9909 said on 12/30/11 - 02:54PM
team edward ha ha
126. =) said on 12/30/11 - 02:56PM
I know ryan from Gunnision and hes a tool! he'll just use her to get what he wants. I know from first hand experience huh ry.. Don't do it christy
127. Alison N said on 12/30/11 - 02:57PM
Wow really, he's like that?
128. =) said on 12/30/11 - 02:57PM
Trust me and more...
129. Mav - San Diego said on 1/2/12 - 02:36PM
When it all breaks down to serious business you can only conclude that Christy and Matt will be shooting the valentine romance calendar. It will be sexy and emotional and it will wreak of professionalism. The look they are trying to fulfill can only be achieved by using the right partner for the shoot. Love to say it "Matt is perfect for the part". Their chemistry alone is reason enough to safely say that "Matt is perfect for the part". Christy, I wish you all the best in Fiji this summer.
130. TeCh`Y~ said on 1/2/12 - 02:48PM
If I were an administrator for this website I would widen the text box <shoutbox2012> and the margins so we can clearly see the conversation in front of us......... Also if the messages are moderated, maybe everyone should know what is expected of everyone. such as not talking shyt about someone. Making bold and presumptuous statements about someones workout habits and life style should not be tolerated as it will degrade the character of said person. This shout box is not used for degrading anyone!!!
131. Becky NYC said on 1/5/12 - 03:30PM
I agree with TeCh'Y about degrading someone just for the he** of it. I think Christy is awesome and I hope she kicks everyones a** in her next calendar. personally i prefer Ryan over anyone they make a cute couple just saying
132. Sarah Boulder CO said on 1/5/12 - 03:31PM
Ryan what did chrissy get you for christmas and did you guys some place warm?
133. Rachel Denver said on 1/5/12 - 03:32PM
Ryan has pretty eyes =)
134. Bailey8.0 said on 1/5/12 - 03:33PM
Are christy and ryan seeing each other?
135. Kelsey k said on 1/5/12 - 03:34PM
No I think Matt and christy are dating...
136. Chatto nyc said on 1/5/12 - 03:35PM
Bull s*** I'm christy's boi toy huh baby text me NYC 212.***-****
137. Monica Cali said on 1/5/12 - 03:37PM
Christy was hangin out in bronco land and according to twitter she and Timmy boi Tebow are friends>>>
138. Denver guy11 said on 1/5/12 - 03:37PM
naaaaaa she's wit ryan!
139. V martinez said on 1/5/12 - 03:39PM
Ryan looks super hot in that cowboy hat, to bad hes a goat ropper I can't stand square dancing.
140. East Side Denver said on 1/5/12 - 03:40PM
Did you see christy's breast Damn ryan gets to play with all that? =(
141. TeCh'Y~ said on 1/6/12 - 07:02AM
This shout box is much more legible and easier on the eyes. However the <leave comment> link text is black and hides within the black background. You will not have any comments being left if they cant see the link. |ReGarDs|
142. TeCh'Y~ said on 1/6/12 - 09:41AM
Check out the Mayhem profile.... http://christylombardi.com/Mayhem.html Also check out the new Pictures of Matt at the bottom. What do you think? I think look awesome.
143. Ted B said on 1/7/12 - 11:47AM
Christy is very beautiful!
144. Kent L said on 1/10/12 - 05:28AM
I saw you at the play off game Sunday Christy your very cute !
145. Melinda said on 1/10/12 - 06:53PM
Matt's as real as it gets! If I would of had to think of any one person who deserves this type of opportunity, it's Matt! He's worked hard to earn everything he has, his dedication to fitness is amazing, and he is ALWAYS there if you need him! :)
146. Mav - San Diego said on 1/11/12 - 07:35AM
Check out Matt's FB page and feel free to leave comments or even add him as a friend. Lots of pictures to share. www.facebook.com/Face.Of.Mayhem . Look here then tell me that he isnt a perfect match for Christy's new calendar.
147. TIMMY said on 1/11/12 - 08:27AM
YO MATT! I know you're gonna have a great time. I'm proud of you. Its crazy what a little dedication and hard work can do. What a payoff!!!
148. Mika P said on 1/11/12 - 02:18PM
I think christy should do against The ocean solo. I think she could carry it without everybody else.
149. lesly G said on 1/11/12 - 02:22PM
I really enjoyed christy new interview it really help me see her from a different point of view.
150. Mike T said on 1/11/12 - 02:23PM
I like the new pictures.... Hot babe girl very hot!
151. Denver guy11 said on 1/11/12 - 02:24PM
Who's Jake? He wrote on christy's wall.
152. Alison N said on 1/11/12 - 02:25PM
Who ever he is, he's really cute and BIG !!
153. Craig Bryant said on 1/11/12 - 02:27PM
I wish I could talk to christy babe here my number send me a text 213.***-**** lol =) I get off at 6
154. Paulette M said on 1/11/12 - 02:28PM
Is Jake and christy dating?
155. Amanda NYC said on 1/11/12 - 02:29PM
Where can I get that green ONeill Top girl that looks nice?
156. katy l CSU said on 1/11/12 - 02:30PM
Christy, are you really that tan or is that fake bake? I just really like the color it suits you.
157. Eve G Tech. said on 1/11/12 - 02:31PM
Yea girl, your tan looks really nice..
158. Seth Morgan said on 1/11/12 - 02:31PM
Jake looks like an NFL football player what team does he play for?
159. Harker B. said on 1/11/12 - 02:33PM
I was just wondering if I will have to go to YOUTUBE to watch season 4 like last year or will it be on the website first?
160. wade n said on 1/11/12 - 02:33PM
Jake, what is christy like on the phone?
161. Brutedogg11 said on 1/11/12 - 02:35PM
I saw her at the play offs at the south end she's she looked cold lol Christy, Are you friends with Tebow?
162. Gina W ASU said on 1/11/12 - 02:37PM
Is Jake on facebook or the crew? Hey she mentioned him on twitter lol
163. Mitch said on 1/11/12 - 02:38PM
I don't think christy needs to worry about not finding a date for next years red carpet season I'm right here babe Mitch (314)***-**** I'll go call me or text
164. Sue09 said on 1/11/12 - 02:40PM
Do people really think she's going to just pick up the phone and call or text you "really" I mean "really" ? She's famous she can date anyone with that body & face. Think guy wake up and smell the coffee
165. taylor11 said on 1/11/12 - 02:41PM
I can't find christy on face book?
166. Felissa Cali said on 1/11/12 - 02:42PM
You haven't dated anyone in about a year I think and I was wondering why?
167. Stan#44 CU said on 1/11/12 - 02:43PM
I think she's taking it easy cause it's probably hard to find someone who will like her for herself and not for the glitter..
168. V martinez said on 1/11/12 - 02:44PM
Do you drink girl or party?
169. Keller M. said on 1/11/12 - 02:45PM
How do I send christy a letter not e-mail?
170. Lisa W said on 1/11/12 - 02:46PM
What happen to that one guy Ryan?
171. Jamie L said on 1/11/12 - 02:47PM
OMG he's like yesterday's new ha ha
172. Dean CSU said on 1/11/12 - 02:48PM
SEXY, SEXY, GIRL I bought your calendar will you kiss it for me?
173. Nathan G. said on 1/11/12 - 02:49PM
Chrissy, what's up with your boi Jake, and why can't I write on your facebook wall?
174. Marc S said on 1/11/12 - 02:50PM
Christie...What are you doing for V-Day do you have plans
175. Daniel Nebraska said on 1/11/12 - 02:51PM
Do you already have a date for Valentines Day? love
176. Alison N said on 1/11/12 - 02:52PM
Ryan's out? what happen to him?
177. Dan P. said on 1/11/12 - 02:53PM
I don't think he's out just no new pic's which basically means he'll be out shortly ha ha
178. RdR11 said on 1/11/12 - 02:54PM
Jake looks like christy's type. Is he gonna be in the show this summer?
179. Tater Bama said on 1/12/12 - 03:14PM
I love the new picture chrissy girl. very sexy!!
180. Bailey North D said on 1/12/12 - 03:15PM
Oh yes very sexy. Are you seeing anyone?
181. Keller M. said on 1/12/12 - 03:16PM
Better still do you have a dinner plans for valentines?
182. Cody H said on 1/12/12 - 03:16PM
Do you really some who looks like that would go out with you ha ha DREAMER
183. Tater Bama said on 1/12/12 - 03:17PM
She's Hot and I was just wondering? Hey you never know...
184. Steel141 said on 1/12/12 - 03:18PM
I like the new pic just to the left with the green swim top on DAM!!!
185. Seth C said on 1/12/12 - 03:19PM
I wonder what she's like in real life, I mean she looks so sweet but I wonder if she's stuck up?
186. Donna B. said on 1/12/12 - 03:20PM
I think she could be stuck up at time.
187. shane c. said on 1/12/12 - 03:21PM
I think she's friends with Tim Tebow, and I've asked both on there blogs and neither will answer hmmmm I wonder??
188. Brutedogg11 said on 1/12/12 - 03:22PM
I'm sure she gets linked to alot of guys but until he or she says something it's just rumor
189. carter 29 said on 1/12/12 - 03:24PM
You can tell she's had to over some alot of crap but hey what a fighter, Dam girl call me NY 212-***-**** please call
190. =0) said on 1/12/12 - 03:25PM
Beautiful Babe love your ex)))) call me you know who I am
191. football fl#56 said on 1/12/12 - 03:25PM
Oh sh** who's =0)???
192. Gina W ASU said on 1/12/12 - 03:26PM
I think its Evan.
193. Jamie L said on 1/12/12 - 03:26PM
I think she's talking to that Jake guy on her face book
194. Jessica L said on 1/12/12 - 03:27PM
Evan was hot, I liked those two together..
195. Sue09 said on 1/12/12 - 03:27PM
Isn't she dating Ryan?
196. CSU foco 24 said on 1/12/12 - 03:28PM
No there just friends I think, She said she wasn't seeing anyone.
197. Baker j said on 1/12/12 - 03:29PM
Like I said I think she's single, but boi what a lucky ass I guy who get to be with her.
198. Tami texas said on 1/12/12 - 03:30PM
Honestly its all about the girl all those other dudes are just back ground.
199. happytrigger said on 1/12/12 - 03:34PM
Dam i've bought 3 calendars and I still find that golden ticket. I want a date with the supermodel model F***
200. Wazup22 said on 1/12/12 - 03:35PM
Does anyone know how I can e-mail her?
201. Michael ASU said on 1/12/12 - 03:35PM
Dam GIRL you do it well!!!
202. Ramoes CSU said on 1/12/12 - 03:36PM
I force to face the truth, I will never have a chick like you will I ?
203. Bobbi M said on 1/12/12 - 03:37PM
Go for it all Girl and leave it all behind
204. David s said on 1/12/12 - 03:38PM
I can't find her on face book f***
205. Sam J said on 1/12/12 - 03:39PM
CALL ME BABE.... (417)***-****
206. JakeBigSexy said on 1/13/12 - 06:26AM
Christy is Awesome on the phone! Shes a great person and is very sweet!!
207. Mav - San Diego said on 1/13/12 - 09:12AM
Do you people really think that what you think you know about Christy's personal life is actually true? Do you really think she would air her personal information? How about a real comment. Christy, you're very beautiful, as you know already. I believe you're doing a great job juggling your calendar, Filming and your personal life. As everyone in the Biz knows, its hard to do and your personal life is put on hold often. Hang in there Girl! You're kicking A$$
208. Gina W ASU said on 1/13/12 - 02:30PM
Thank you Mav- San Diego You are so dead on. Thank you for pointing that fact out.
209. Donna B. said on 1/13/12 - 02:31PM
He's got a point...
210. Stan#44 CU said on 1/13/12 - 02:32PM
I wonder if she even checks out the blog?
211. Becky NYC said on 1/13/12 - 02:33PM
Who's Jake is he closer to her or what? Who are you Jake? Tell US?
212. Mav - San Diego said on 1/13/12 - 03:22PM
Did everyone happen to visit Matts profile on FB? www.facebook.com/Face.Of.Mayhem . He went on this new diet and trimmed up pretty well for the upcomming shoots. new pics arent up yet but ill be sure they get up soon. Next question is for Matt himself. Matt please explain a little to us about your new diet and whats involved. Id suspect that you could simply write an answer in this shouts box. So ill wait for your reply.
213. JakeBigSexy said on 1/16/12 - 05:19AM
214. The Rock - Dwayne J. said on 1/16/12 - 09:45AM
Nice job Matt Kuck. Seems as if you have been working hard on your training and it shows. Ive done many movies and can tell you that "You've got the look". I watched your video on your Facebook profile and thought a lot about my rise to fame. I started out just like you did, from nothing to something.Christy is very beautiful and doesn't need you to be here for her attention. Why don't you spin off on your own? Id like to see what happens to you throughout your filming process. Also, i wish i had a publicist or a PR as good as yours. If i started out as HOT as yourself right now, i would have made it to the top in no time at all. I have a feeling this will be your case. Also, what is this diet that Mav is talking about? Best of luck to both Matt and Christy!
215. Keller M. said on 1/16/12 - 06:11PM
Who is Christy going to the grammy's with this year?
216. Stan#44 CU said on 1/16/12 - 06:14PM
Is that Jake guy dating christy?
217. Denver guy11 said on 1/16/12 - 06:15PM
Im not sure he wrote on her face book wall and I don't think anyone can do that so maybe
218. Jessica L said on 1/16/12 - 06:16PM
He looks huge in his picture, I mean like WWE huge
219. shane c. said on 1/16/12 - 06:16PM
Whatever happen to ryan, I thought he was apart of the christy show?
220. Boomer # 61 CU said on 1/16/12 - 06:18PM
I think he still is, he's not really connected to chrissy life
221. Alison N said on 1/16/12 - 06:18PM
So whats the story on Jake?
222. Wazup22 said on 1/16/12 - 06:19PM
Does anyone know?
223. Gina W ASU said on 1/16/12 - 06:20PM
Who's Brady?
224. Tesha C said on 1/16/12 - 06:20PM
I think Jake is like a trainer or body guard or something..
225. Monica Cali said on 1/16/12 - 06:22PM
Jake babe is HOT who cares what he does!
226. Brutedogg11 said on 1/16/12 - 06:30PM
Who did she go with last year?
227. Denver guy11 said on 1/16/12 - 06:32PM
No one! she went along.. she had already ended her relationship with whats his face...
228. football fl#56 said on 1/16/12 - 06:33PM
Hey I remember that she was alone. Who bail on a chick like that she's a dime
229. Paulette said on 1/16/12 - 06:34PM
I wonder if she's happy now, she seemed so un happy on last seasons show.. It was terrible.
230. Sue09 said on 1/16/12 - 06:35PM
She just needs a man who cares for her heart and intelligence and not her rising status
231. Gina W ASU said on 1/16/12 - 06:46PM
I think they would look great together =)
232. Sarah17 said on 1/16/12 - 06:47PM
When are we going to see pictures of you Jake?
233. Harker B. said on 1/16/12 - 06:48PM
Where is he from? He sure the hell isn't from Denver..ha ha
234. Wazup22 said on 1/16/12 - 06:49PM
Wait does anyone know what the deal is with him first don't just assume.
235. JakeBigSexy said on 1/16/12 - 06:50PM
Brady is my best friend. Christy is the sweetest lady ive ever met. Do you guys/gals think we should date??!!!!!!
236. Nebraska 101 said on 1/16/12 - 06:51PM
Christy call me (308)***-**** I'm Jakes friend and I think your totally SEXY BABE !!
237. Nebraska 101 said on 1/16/12 - 06:55PM
Hey BigSexy The girl is mine =) Back off
238. Wynn C said on 1/16/12 - 06:56PM
How long have you known christy and is she stuck up?
239. katy l CSU said on 1/16/12 - 06:57PM
Where do you live, and how long have you guys been talking?
240. lesly G said on 1/16/12 - 07:00PM
Your hot Jake are you on face book?
241. Caroline N said on 1/17/12 - 06:29AM
Jake sounds like a really nice guy, he even asked if he should date chris. I say yes she's a great girl. I don't know her personally but I've been following her calendar tours and stuff for 5 years and she simply has alot of class and genuinely cares for others.
242. katy l CSU said on 1/17/12 - 06:30AM
Question for Jake: Are guys pretty close now?
243. becca 16 said on 1/17/12 - 06:31AM
Are you a dreamteam crew member?
244. Rex B said on 1/17/12 - 06:32AM
Hey Ryan when are we gonna see more pictures of you and chris? And are you a real hunter or are those pictures made for the site?
245. Mikey UNC said on 1/17/12 - 06:33AM
Dude I think Ryan is the real deal!
246. nina s said on 1/17/12 - 06:34AM
This question is for Nic, How did you and christy get picture to the Play offs? Those tickets were hard to get without pay a million for one
247. Tesha C said on 1/17/12 - 06:35AM
Christy has an inside source to the Broncos!
248. Keller M. said on 1/17/12 - 06:36AM
She a great girl Jake I think you two should date.
249. Riley H said on 1/17/12 - 06:37AM
Bulls*** Who the Hell is Jake???
250. Terry UN said on 1/17/12 - 06:38AM
Oh my god I know Jake he's a really nice guy we partied a few times, but kind of a womanizer but still cool
251. Martinez F said on 1/17/12 - 06:39AM
Is christy spanish?
252. Shelia K said on 1/17/12 - 06:41AM
Jake if christy becomes a B**** look me up (408)***-**** I may not have her money but I have something I know you'd enjoy
253. Nebraska 101 said on 1/17/12 - 06:42AM
Man that chick is F***** HOT Get it jake!
254. steve said on 1/17/12 - 06:43AM
Good morning christy, do want to get coffee sometime? facebook me Steve ******* please
255. Country boi 06 said on 1/17/12 - 06:44AM
Hey girl what type of music do you listen to?
256. Jena S said on 1/17/12 - 06:44AM
What are you wearing to the Grammy's?
257. wison9909 said on 1/17/12 - 06:45AM
Wow Jake she's Wow
258. Lance j said on 1/17/12 - 06:51AM
Does jake have a picture on the site?
259. Tami16 said on 1/17/12 - 06:52AM
I thought ryan was new flavor of the moment?
260. Stan#44 CU said on 1/17/12 - 06:52AM
Ryan Who ha ha ha
261. Megan231 said on 1/17/12 - 06:53AM
Thats harsh, Ryan's just been out of loop for a minute give they guy a chance.
262. Baker j said on 1/17/12 - 06:54AM
263. Vince #65 said on 1/17/12 - 06:54AM
Christy I love you!!!
264. Hawk101 said on 1/17/12 - 06:55AM
Waiting for Christy to text me I've left my number a couple hundred times what the f****
265. NYC Mary 09 said on 1/17/12 - 06:56AM
Jake do you like snow?
266. Will =) said on 1/17/12 - 06:57AM
Tall & Hot as Hell Christy babe call me Jakes just another fat guy ha ha
267. A.J. G#87 said on 1/17/12 - 06:58AM
Dont make me come and tickle you to death I know your weakness chris girl (SNICKER)
268. football fl#56 said on 1/17/12 - 06:59AM
I like your boobs christy No I love them!!! Dam
269. Jessica L said on 1/17/12 - 07:00AM
Christy who are you taking to the awards this year?
270. Cole said on 1/17/12 - 07:02AM
Babe I'll go with you,,, You'd look good on my are look me up on facebook Stan ****** please that would be a wish come true for me
271. Bam said on 1/17/12 - 07:02AM
How come this blog wont keep my number?
272. Megan231 said on 1/17/12 - 07:03AM
Think num nuts, do honestly think per handlers are going to let you or your number thru right that will happen
273. Nate P said on 1/17/12 - 07:12AM
Your my only kryptonite What do I have to do GIRL?
274. Nathan G. said on 1/17/12 - 07:20AM
I just want to see what her first trailer is gonna look like at the start of the chase the sun season last years was sexy as hell
275. Preston P said on 1/17/12 - 07:21AM
I like the article they wrote about you christy you sound so real and down to earth. What religion are you?
276. JakeBigSexy said on 1/17/12 - 07:22AM
Christy and I get along really well!! You ladies are funny and I appreciate the attention :) but im only talkin to Christy seriously right now!!!
277. David s said on 1/17/12 - 07:22AM
She's very religious I wonder if she's still a virgin?
278. TheBone88 said on 1/17/12 - 07:23AM
She's got a head for business and a body for sin my kinda girl ha ha Get at me christie Bonner 88 (213) ***-****
279. megan CU said on 1/17/12 - 07:24AM
Jake, Jake, Jake,She's out of league face it
280. Stacey NYC said on 1/17/12 - 07:27AM
Thanks for answering us Jake I think your the only one who ever has but I don't think the other are suppose to so watch out for some of these girls some of them are really writers trying to get a direct quote out of you..
281. Becca M said on 1/17/12 - 07:38AM
Yea thank you Jake that was really cool of you
282. Ali KU said on 1/17/12 - 07:42AM
Are you guys serious and is she a nice a person or stuck up? I saw her last year year on tv and she looked really funny like easy going
283. katy l CSU said on 1/17/12 - 07:43AM
Does she wear really expensive cloths or is she down to earth?
284. Dana L said on 1/17/12 - 07:44AM
Can I get your number if things dont work out???
285. frances p said on 1/17/12 - 07:45AM
Does she party and get wild or is she really that calm?
286. Paulette said on 1/17/12 - 07:46AM
What do you guys do to relax ?
287. Sue09 said on 1/17/12 - 07:46AM
I thought she was Ryan?
288. Jessica L said on 1/17/12 - 07:47AM
No hes just model that works with her.
289. Gina W ASU said on 1/17/12 - 07:48AM
Jake are you gonna be in the show?
290. Denny R said on 1/17/12 - 07:51AM
OMG that would be cool, like a real guy she's seeing. I hate it when they try to put people with her that aren't really dating Against The Ocean is a romantic show and I for one like it that way.
291. C.Warren118 said on 1/17/12 - 07:51AM
I think she would look good with Ryan or Matt but defiantly not that Evan tool..
292. Husker 81 said on 1/17/12 - 07:53AM
I think your really classy chrissy why date anyone for a show? See who you want to see F*** the ratings I'd respect you more for living life out side of what the media wants
293. Lori V UNC said on 1/17/12 - 07:56AM
I agree. I really liked the first calendar and thats what made me buy it. I thin Matt looks ok and Ryan is really hot but he seems more like a model then a romantic interest, I guess we"ll have to see how he looks in his next photo's
294. Sarah Washburn C said on 1/17/12 - 07:57AM
I like Mark personally even JO what about them?
295. Nathan G. said on 1/17/12 - 07:57AM
296. Erick ASU said on 1/17/12 - 07:58AM
Jake where do you live?
297. Pacman 2012 said on 1/17/12 - 07:59AM
babe girl, your hottttttttttttt do you!
298. Vargus M said on 1/17/12 - 08:00AM
This is crazy I click on this chicks site 7-8 times aday just to see if she is blogging what is she doing to me?
299. Vargus M said on 1/17/12 - 08:01AM
Can a girl have that kind of effect on a man?
300. A.J. Ganguzza said on 1/17/12 - 08:01AM
Yea, you! ha ha lol
301. Bailey North D said on 1/17/12 - 01:18PM
I don't know I kinda like Ryan with christy, the remind of ken & Barbie
302. Jenna L said on 1/17/12 - 01:19PM
Well we just havent seen Jake with her yet so wait aminute
303. Wynn C said on 1/17/12 - 01:20PM
Is there a picture of Jake we can see?
304. Hailey S said on 1/17/12 - 01:21PM
No not yet
305. Keller M. said on 1/17/12 - 01:22PM
So when are we gonna see some new pic's?
306. Mac17 said on 1/17/12 - 01:23PM
When your rich and beautiful what do you do with your spare time?
307. Alison N said on 1/17/12 - 01:24PM
You mean rich, tan, young, and beautiful!
308. Regina W said on 1/17/12 - 01:24PM
lets see if christy will answer that question?
309. Donna B. said on 1/17/12 - 01:25PM
Jake are you in love ?
310. Nate said on 1/17/12 - 01:27PM
OMG I'm in love with Christy!!
311. Dennis WV said on 1/17/12 - 01:28PM
I'm mean you look good but are smart? Or do you just rely on your looks?
312. Brian F Gators said on 1/17/12 - 01:29PM
No offence but who the f*** cares she hot!
313. Hawk101 said on 1/17/12 - 01:30PM
I can not find her on face book ???
314. Craig Bryant said on 1/17/12 - 01:30PM
Is she on face book?
315. Aaron J. said on 1/17/12 - 01:31PM
Christy are you on face book or myspace?
316. JakeBigSexy said on 1/17/12 - 02:24PM
Sorry guys you're all out of luck... She's my girl and she's all mine!!!
317. TeCh'Y~ said on 1/18/12 - 10:59AM
Wow, I must say... celebrities stopping by to compliment is an awesome feat. Dwayne, I love your character. Wondering if you're as cool as the rock. Thank you for supporting the upcoming stars talked about in this shoutbox. Matt and Christy are perfect for each other not in a personal way but business related. Christy is way to gorgeous to be held down by an immature guy who wants to "claim" his territory. Jake needs to learn a lot about how to act before he is considered to be professional. Jake, you wont last long if all you're going to do is strut your relationship with Christy. She is Not yours!! She belongs to herself. Might I also say that I have found out that none of the future famed stars talked about in this blog will actually respond within this shoutbox. These questions/comments are used for future publicized interviews. However, that does not mean that Christy, Matt, J.O. and the others dont review these questions/comments. They are looked at every day! Phone numbers and addresses will NOT be posted in this shoutbox due to privacy restrictions over the I-Net. :)
318. TeCh'Y~ said on 1/18/12 - 11:01AM
Wow, I must say... celebrities stopping by to compliment is an awesome feat. Dwayne, I love your character. Wondering if you're as cool as the rock. Thank you for supporting the upcoming stars talked about in this shoutbox. Matt and Christy are perfect for each other not in a personal way but business related. Christy is way to gorgeous to be held down by an immature guy who wants to "claim" his territory. Jake needs to learn a lot about how to act before he is considered to be professional. Jake, you wont last long if all you're going to do is strut your relationship with Christy. She is Not yours!! She belongs to herself.
319. TeCh'Y~ said on 1/18/12 - 11:02AM
Might I also say that I have found out that none of the future famed stars talked about in this blog will actually respond within this shoutbox. These questions/comments are used for future publicized interviews. However, that does not mean that Christy, Matt, J.O. and the others dont review these questions/comments. They are looked at every day! Phone numbers and addresses will NOT be posted in this shoutbox due to privacy restrictions over the I-Net. :)
320. Mav - San Diego said on 1/18/12 - 12:22PM
Wow! big Jake! A little insecure are we? You wont last any longer than Evan with that attitude. I mean, who are you anyway? do you have anything to do with Mayhem, ATO or part of the crew? Or are you just somebody she met outside of business? Funny I think about how youre allowed to comment inside this shoutbox when none of the people talked about in here are allowed to comment. I wish it were possible to see Christys or Matts responses almost daily. More like a Thread.
321. Carrie A. said on 1/19/12 - 05:37AM
Ha Ha I love the way Mav-San Diego think lol You go boi..
322. CCrider said on 1/19/12 - 05:38AM
I like that Jake dude hes really confident and knows what he wants I for one aint mad at'em
323. Becker K said on 1/19/12 - 05:39AM
I think Mav is Christy's agents and if he isn't he should be. I like your style
324. Sue09 said on 1/19/12 - 05:41AM
Ryan man up and say something let people know it's your face on against the ocean not Matt, or Jake and who's jake anyway except another fan trying to get noticed lol loser Until I see a picture with either of those guys Matt or Jake with Christy its all talk.... TEAM RYAN
325. Wazup22 said on 1/19/12 - 05:42AM
Mav you do sound like an agent, just a little advise. Drop Matt christy's your cash cow.
326. Rachel L said on 1/19/12 - 05:43AM
I think Jake is the real deal, besides he's actually on her face book wall.
327. Lori B said on 1/19/12 - 05:46AM
Whats up girl friend... this is Lore B from high school, Wow look at you on this blog thing, you went from cheerleader, surfer chick, prom queen to swimsuit star. I'm so proud of you "RULE THE WORLD" girl take no prisoners ha ha smooches
328. katy l CSU said on 1/19/12 - 05:46AM
I agree TEAM RYAN all the way.. who the F*** is Matt ????
329. morris h78 said on 1/19/12 - 05:48AM
This blog is so funny I love the comments posted, but really does christy ever check this stuff out? Does anyone really no her including Matt?
330. Lance j said on 1/19/12 - 05:49AM
Shes hot there's no doubt, like that other guy said does she even have time to check out what people are saying?
331. Tami Texas A&M said on 1/19/12 - 05:50AM
I'm TEAM JAKE he doesn't sound like a p**** Go get yours!
332. Preston P said on 1/19/12 - 05:51AM
Dam christy babe, your momma did good!
333. Keller M. said on 1/19/12 - 05:55AM
I'm just looking forward to that video screen going live in the springtime then we"ll be able to tell who's who and whats what.
334. Jessica L said on 1/19/12 - 05:56AM
I like Jake & Christy he just sounds F***** fun ha ha
335. West B. said on 1/19/12 - 05:58AM
Christy are you dating anyone? and Do you really care what people say on this blog?
336. nancy07 said on 1/19/12 - 05:59AM
Hey did Ryan already bite the dust and thats why we hardly hear from him?
337. Quarter Back #12 said on 1/19/12 - 06:00AM
I think Ryan has too much class to bother with this stuff like Mav said he's celebrity with bigger things going on... and who's Matt?
338. Brutedogg11 said on 1/19/12 - 06:02AM
What difference does it make she's the star. I come to the blog to see sexy pictures of her.
339. David s said on 1/19/12 - 06:03AM
I know right. I really like the one's where you can tell she's not wearing a bra under her nike top now thats hot
340. PD11 said on 1/19/12 - 06:04AM
She so hot I love you chrissy will you have my babe?
341. V ESIDE 303 said on 1/19/12 - 06:05AM
I don't that Jake kid really knows her I think he's full of s*** and he's really fan just the rest of us, that includes Matt.
342. ute88 said on 1/19/12 - 06:06AM
I think christy is to good for any of them except maybe Mav he sounds like he really knows her.
343. A.J. G#87 said on 1/19/12 - 06:07AM
I sent her a friend request but I got no answer =(
344. Wynn C said on 1/19/12 - 06:07AM
Dude she probably get a million of those aday
345. Nebraska 101 said on 1/19/12 - 06:08AM
Screw it I'm gonna send it again damit
346. Gator Man 74 said on 1/19/12 - 06:10AM
What the deal with the video log below the buttons don't work?? And I'm getting teased by that faded picture of christy on that screen =) yum
347. katy l CSU said on 1/19/12 - 06:11AM
Its not open yet, not to the spring time
348. Street Talk 01 said on 1/19/12 - 06:13AM
Hey guy, your gonna feel like a tool if we come to find out that, that Jake guy is really seeing her ha ha
349. Tesha C said on 1/19/12 - 06:14AM
Mav- are you apart of the dreamteam crew or staff?
350. Mav - San Diego said on 1/19/12 - 01:07PM
This is Matt .... https://www.facebook.com/Face.Of.Mayhem ... He is the new face of mayhem. he will travel along with christy to Fiji this summer and shoot extreme sports. Mayhem 4 http://christylombardi.com/Mayhem.html .
351. Mav - San Diego said on 1/19/12 - 01:16PM
Tesha, no i am not part of T. Elite Management, DreamChaser Productions, or any subsidiaries. I represent myself and all my commments are based off my own thoughts and conclusions. But i sure would like to be. My understanding is that there is an audition for #4 slot on Mayhem 4. Mayhem 4 is filmed in Fiji the same time Christy shoots her next calendar. So everyone would fly out together and stay a while. Make sure you stay posted on this site though.
352. ~||~ |\_/| ((o)) said on 1/19/12 - 01:31PM
Nebraska, whos says Christy even accepts invites? If i were a supermodel, I wouldnt. Im sure she'd get hundreds a day if she allowed invites.
353. ~!GoD!~ said on 1/19/12 - 01:50PM
Becker K. is a genius! But Mav is no agent. Christy does care what people say here. She also takes offense to rude comments.(whisper) but she is smokin' hot!
354. Pamela said on 1/19/12 - 01:56PM
couldnt believe my eyes when i saw matts page. HOT HOT HOT! he sounds so brave. I loved reading his profile.
355. Mav - San Diego said on 1/19/12 - 02:21PM
So I just wanted to share with everyone that there is still a golden ticket in one of the Rule the Sea calendars. This ticket is worth an all expense paid trip to Fiji with Christy and the Mayhem crew. Youll just have to be able to take off work for a while. Im sure ill get my calendar soon. Check the store for details.
356. The Rock - Dwayne J. said on 1/19/12 - 02:43PM
If Matt is the new face of Mayhem 4, why is Ryan still the captain? I think Matt and Ryan should have a contest of some sort to see who becomes captain. Like a strong man competition or something.
357. Denver guy11 said on 1/23/12 - 05:43PM
Now thats F***** HOT Kaddy & Chrissy girl
358. Sue09 said on 1/23/12 - 05:45PM
When did they put that up? Thats very nice. Now I can see what they look like together, very nice
359. Windy A said on 1/23/12 - 05:46PM
That Kaddy guy has a nice smile, and they look really cute!
360. katy l CSU said on 1/23/12 - 05:46PM
Kaddy will you touch my butt ha ha ? You sexy man you...
361. Sarah17 said on 1/23/12 - 05:48PM
An that Matt guy was thinking he would look better with christy the kaddy yea right, think again lol
362. Harker B. said on 1/23/12 - 05:49PM
I'm just saying wow, christy babe you have a nice body will you rub it up against me ?????
363. G-unit CSU said on 1/23/12 - 05:50PM
Damn GIRL you look good in that bikini, are you mexican or latino?
364. lance j said on 1/23/12 - 05:51PM
Srew this I'm trying out for this s*** next year i wanna be with christy...
365. Curious Junction Girl said on 1/23/12 - 05:52PM
Are they a couple or just friend, cause they look like more then friends to me?
366. football fl#56 said on 1/23/12 - 05:53PM
You can tell thats a recent pic look'en good chrissie
367. Wazup22 said on 1/23/12 - 05:54PM
He's gay if he's not smashing that>>>
368. Cody H said on 1/23/12 - 05:55PM
Can I come with you guys lol
369. Gatorboi said on 1/23/12 - 05:55PM
There is no way she 5'10"
370. Tesha C said on 1/23/12 - 05:56PM
How old is kaddy?
371. dena said on 1/23/12 - 05:56PM
He's like 25 or 26 I think.
372. G-girlrr said on 1/23/12 - 05:57PM
No he's about 24-25
373. Sarah33 said on 1/23/12 - 06:01PM
I wonder what he looks like in like green or yellow board shorts?
374. Windy G said on 1/23/12 - 06:01PM
Where that Jake guy go?
375. John L17 said on 1/23/12 - 06:02PM
He couldnt hang with the big doggs ha ha loser
376. kitten blu said on 1/23/12 - 06:03PM
Where was christy born?
377. Volley ball mesa said on 1/23/12 - 06:04PM
I swear I know that kaddy guy like a biblical way. is he from Junction?
378. =) said on 1/23/12 - 06:04PM
I'm his ex and yea you probably do.
379. Jessica L said on 1/23/12 - 06:05PM
You dated kaddy?
380. : ) said on 1/23/12 - 06:06PM
ryan... yes! and hes an a** **** and he knows it, christy will find out
381. : ) said on 1/23/12 - 06:07PM
He knows who I am we just ran into each other back in december huh ry
382. David s said on 1/23/12 - 06:07PM
Kaddy is a user? I hate guys like that
383. nancy07 said on 1/23/12 - 06:09PM
I wonder if christy knows? or if he's playing the Im really here for you role?
384. Marie mesa said on 1/23/12 - 06:10PM
Who cares, I don't. it's where he is now not then!
385. Preston P said on 1/23/12 - 06:11PM
huh? kaddys a jerk ?
386. Alison N said on 1/23/12 - 06:11PM
Kaddy do you know this chick??
387. jared w said on 1/23/12 - 06:12PM
Christy RUN GIRL RUN ha ha lol
388. V martinez said on 1/23/12 - 06:13PM
Maybe matt is better ha ha
389. Monica S said on 1/24/12 - 07:52AM
Okay I think I like Marcial will christy better ha ha they just look really comfortable with each other that ryan kid looks like he's trying to hard. guy relax be sexy, or something
390. Felissa Cali said on 1/24/12 - 07:55AM
No I disagree he looks alot better this month then he has in the past especially in that swimsuit pic
391. Gina W ASU said on 1/24/12 - 07:55AM
No marcial is real comfortable look at his hand on her chest lol ha ha
392. Kelsey k said on 1/24/12 - 07:56AM
Yea right, go get it boi !!!
393. Rachel B CU said on 1/24/12 - 07:58AM
She is so lucky this girl has two hot guys and i'm sure shes way rich and looks good herself okay I hate her !!
394. Windy A said on 1/24/12 - 07:59AM
I'm alittle confused i think i like kaddy with chris but marcial looks dam hot did you see his poster shot below?
395. Megan231 said on 1/24/12 - 08:00AM
I still think ryan or kaddy must be a nick name they're pushing I like kaddy better, he's still f***** Hot i'd do him
396. Megan231 said on 1/24/12 - 08:00AM
I do her too ha ha she sexy
397. Megan231 said on 1/24/12 - 08:01AM
Oh h*** I want marcial, kaddy and christy I'm not a lesbian just greedy lol
398. C.Warren118 said on 1/24/12 - 08:02AM
Thats F****** funny megan123
399. Megan231 said on 1/24/12 - 08:03AM
Christy, Kaddy 3 way anyone??? 303-***-**** Friday night boyz & girlz
400. Pueblo Man 22 said on 1/24/12 - 08:04AM
Christy babe what's your flavor girl???
401. Boston said on 1/24/12 - 12:01PM
Its pretty cool that Ryan made a character in here just to talk shyt about himself.
402. Cleveland said on 1/24/12 - 02:58PM
I feel sorry for celebrities who just happen to be beautiful, or talented or maybe even lucky to have people talk shyt about them... Thats pretty poor. Good luck guys ignore the haters and keep reaching for all your dreams.
403. tal-bot said on 1/25/12 - 09:01AM
just happened to stop by Matts page to take a look. this guys looks cool. if the topic of this chat is to decide who gets to shoot with Christy, its should be Matt. Hands down.
404. Jenna said on 1/29/12 - 07:35AM
Got to hang out with Matt alone for a while. What a sweetheart! This guys rocks.
405. Farah Belagio said on 1/29/12 - 04:17PM
Matt are your muscles real?
406. Mav - San Diego said on 1/31/12 - 06:29AM
Yes, Matts new interview is up with the new pics. http://christylombardi.com/m4-article-_matt_copy.jpg Lets hear what you think?
407. CJ Hines said on 1/31/12 - 07:40AM
Great job on the new photos Matt. You really did kick butt to get ready for the shoot.
408. Travis&Merideth said on 1/31/12 - 10:16AM
We saw Matts new interview and pictures too. What happened to the sun? Are there any more pictures?
409. Travis&Merideth said on 1/31/12 - 10:18AM
Jenna... are you dating Matt? How did you get to hang out with Matt? No Boston, thats not cool. not sure if you were meaning sarcasm there.
410. Freddy Lancaster said on 1/31/12 - 10:25AM
I was diverted here from Facebook to check out some pix of Matt and to leave a comment. Well, Id say that the pictures look great and Matt Kuck is well on his way. Christy Lombardi is gorgeous and i hope she is single. So is there some sort of contest or something? Who is Matts competition?
411. Freddy Lancaster said on 1/31/12 - 10:26AM
How would Matt have Fake muscles?
412. Travis&Merideth said on 1/31/12 - 10:50AM
We checked out Ryan and JO too but they dont seem to compare to Matt.
413. Travis&Merideth said on 1/31/12 - 10:52AM
Merideth just told me that she would rather have sex with Matt than myself. Ive been married to her for only 6 months and already she is thinking about cheating on me.
414. Travis&Merideth said on 1/31/12 - 10:55AM
<--- Merideth ... I want to know how Jenna got to hang out with Matt. Lucky Jenna. There should be a "win a date" contest with Matt as the prize.
415. Aaron A Mines said on 2/1/12 - 06:37AM
Christy is very beautiful I could careless about these other dogs.....
416. Frey 11 said on 2/1/12 - 06:38AM
I think I read somewhere that christy is single!
417. Abby B Golden said on 2/1/12 - 06:39AM
How old is Matt? Cause is article sounds like some kind of hit man? What is his point anyway?
418. Alex J NYC said on 2/1/12 - 06:40AM
I really liked kaddy's write up, but does he really hunt ?
419. Braden T 87 said on 2/1/12 - 06:41AM
I think he does hunt and s*** he get down with all that
420. Joey b said on 2/1/12 - 06:42AM
I just want to know if christy is latin of greek or something?
421. Sue09 said on 2/1/12 - 06:42AM
Christy is latin you can tell!
422. kimmy said on 2/1/12 - 06:43AM
I don't think so I think she looks more mixed like italian and indian
423. Alison N said on 2/1/12 - 06:44AM
Who Chris he looks young?
424. football fl#56 said on 2/1/12 - 06:45AM
Don't even think about it he looks 13 and it says he's an intern..
425. katy l CSU said on 2/1/12 - 06:45AM
He has a cute face and a nice smile =)
426. brandi g UT said on 2/1/12 - 06:47AM
I think Kaddy and christy make a cute couple I wonder who the boss is with them?
427. A.J. Ganguzza said on 2/1/12 - 06:47AM
Kaddy is you can tell!
428. Mrittany M said on 2/1/12 - 06:48AM
Bulls*** christy is ha ha she who controls the breast controls the world ha ha lol
429. Lisa W said on 2/1/12 - 06:49AM
LOL thats so true!
430. Sarah17 said on 2/1/12 - 06:49AM
Intern Chris: are you single?
431. Alison N said on 2/1/12 - 06:50AM
whatever loser he's a kid lol
432. A.J. Ganguzza said on 2/1/12 - 06:51AM
What happen to that Jake dude? Was he a one hit wonder?
433. Wazup22 said on 2/1/12 - 06:53AM
kaddy kicked his ass in a strong man challenge using left over parts from steroid head matt lol
434. Rochelle said on 2/1/12 - 09:01AM
I don't know where this Chris came from, but I'm gonna take him 1st. He is already mine. I will be a cougar for sure...Him and all these fine models;-)
435. Mav - San Diego said on 2/2/12 - 10:31AM
Yay, great job on the photos Matt. now that youre photos are up, it wont be long. See you at the finish line.
436. Monica Cali said on 2/6/12 - 02:33PM
I really like christy's article she sounds human and in touch with herself and her spirituality
437. Sue09 said on 2/6/12 - 02:34PM
I think she's the only one who sounds normal on that website along with Nic & Kaddy
438. Nina S23 said on 2/6/12 - 02:36PM
The only thing that would be disappointing at this point is if they try to pair chrissy with that evan guy everyone else is pretty much good to go. well almost matt looks like someones dad but he still has a nice body
439. jared w said on 2/6/12 - 02:37PM
Christy's f***** hot and these guys are all gay why isn't she with any of them?
440. Alison N said on 2/6/12 - 02:38PM
Thats a good question why aren't you dating any of these guys christy? What's really wrong with them?
441. lesly G said on 2/6/12 - 02:39PM
Maybe she's just not in to them like that or vice versa
442. lesly G said on 2/6/12 - 02:39PM
Maybe it's all business
443. Erick ASU said on 2/6/12 - 02:41PM
I heard she's friends with a certain NFL star so why would she mess around with these a** ***** lol
444. =) said on 2/6/12 - 02:41PM
Ryannne a loser and he knows why
445. nancy07 said on 2/6/12 - 02:42PM
Who is =) face ?
446. Seth Morgan said on 2/6/12 - 02:43PM
She sounds like a disgruntled girl friend
447. Sue09 said on 2/6/12 - 02:44PM
I think shes a joke and shouldn't put her s*** on a blog loser!
448. Felissa said on 2/6/12 - 02:44PM
Nic's hot like way hot!!!
449. CSU #45 said on 2/6/12 - 02:47PM
She's goes hard! you can tell! Get at me Christy babe
450. Baker j said on 2/6/12 - 02:47PM
When does the actual promo shooting start last year I think it was in April?
451. CSU #45 said on 2/6/12 - 02:48PM
Christy christy christy christy babe please call me (720) ***-****
452. NFL Bound Florida said on 2/6/12 - 02:49PM
Long time no text girl hit me up, you no who it is!!! Kaddy get off
453. Alison N said on 2/6/12 - 02:50PM
I wanna meet Nic how do I do that ?
454. Valerie said on 2/7/12 - 08:22PM
I can't think of anyone more deserving of this experience than Matt. He is one of the most genuine people I am ever met. He is the kind of person who would give you the shirt off his back. It upset me when people criticize Matt and wonder if his muscles are real. I have never met anyone more dedicated to working out. They say if you eat right and work out you can have the body you desire. Matt is the perfect example of how true that is! I have so lucky to have Matt as my friend.
455. Melinda said on 2/8/12 - 05:08PM
Matt's hot!!! :)
456. Mav - San Diego said on 2/14/12 - 08:05AM
Yes i agree with Valerie... Matt deserves this because he worked hard to get where he is at. Plus he wont give up to get to the top. There are people who are lazy, some who are work-a-holics and some who just dont give a rats a$$. Matt falls under the work-a-holic catagory. He uses most of his free time working out because that is what makes him feel good. I would take the criticism as a compliment. People who scream "roids" when they see Matt are just jealous they couldnt achieve those same results all natural. The amount of commitment that you will get out of Matt superceeds that of a NFL football player playing in the superbowl. I challenge you Haters... Work out 1 day with Matt, see if you can keep up.
457. TeCh'Y~ said on 2/14/12 - 10:39AM
Isnt there a new video of Matt coming out soon? His older one is OK but i cant wait to see the new one.
458. Freddy Lancaster said on 2/15/12 - 03:54PM
good job Matt... visiting your myspace has been a wonder to me... all these hot women as friends? and youre not tapping any of it?
459. tal-bot said on 2/16/12 - 09:13AM
Valerie is such a nice person and if she is right on about Matt, then it will show. I think she is speaking from the heart and Matt is what she says he is. excellent job with the new photos Matt!
460. TeCh'Y~ said on 2/16/12 - 09:24AM
I saw on the internet that Matt and Christy are spending "quality" time together. lol They remind me of a Hollywood couple. Maybe that's why Christy asked him to be in her new TV show. There will be sparks in Fiji.
461. Mav - San Diego said on 2/17/12 - 08:25AM
Seems as if conversations around here have ceased. Whats going on? Whats this I hear about a new video coming out of Matt? Is it going to be anything like the first one? How can i get a video made of myself?
462. Travis&Merideth said on 2/17/12 - 12:03PM
We were wondering if there would be a way to actually contact Matt VIA phone or text. I wasnt thinking of leaving my phone number on here like these other losers but i can say i am your acquaintance on FB and you can contact me through there to get my number.
463. Yarro said on 2/17/12 - 03:01PM
christi is very good looking to do modeling and Matt too. He is very hansom man and likes the modeling. the camera likes him too
464. serina said on 2/19/12 - 10:17AM
its been a while since ive seen a new message in this shoutbox... wonder why.
465. Red said on 2/20/12 - 11:01AM
this little box is pretty cool... just stopped by to say hi to matt and christy... You two rock the cashbah!!!
466. Brutedogg11 said on 2/20/12 - 06:24PM
I like the new article girl so your the boss =) damn!!
467. Alison N said on 2/20/12 - 06:25PM
who is matt I can't find a picture of him and christy ?
468. Hawk101 said on 2/20/12 - 06:26PM
Thats because there is one! He's in mayhem not ato
469. A.J. Ganguzza said on 2/20/12 - 06:27PM
Nick is a lucky guy
470. Jessica L said on 2/20/12 - 06:27PM
Are they talking about nic the crew member or another Nick?
471. A.J. G#87 said on 2/20/12 - 06:29PM
Christy can I have a job?
472. Wazup22 said on 2/20/12 - 06:30PM
Nice article she's doing the damn thing ha ha you go girl!
473. Mav - San Diego said on 2/25/12 - 10:25AM
Christy and Matt are dating?
474. Red said on 2/29/12 - 09:45AM
So thought id stop by and say hi to Matt Kuck. Was scoping out your FB page and saw the link to this comment box. So Matt you are a wonderful person, keep up the good work.
475. serina said on 3/17/12 - 10:32AM
Congratulations Matt! I knew you would become a star someday. Keep working hard and it will pay off big time. Love the Mayhem pictures BTW.
476. serina said on 4/2/12 - 02:52PM
wow what happened to everyone? it sure has been a while since anyone has posted something... Im just going to throw out another shoutout to mah boi Matt Kuck.... Doing great and keep your head held high.!!!
477. kelly M CSU said on 7/1/12 - 10:37AM
Who is bird ?
478. Matt b said on 7/1/12 - 10:39AM
OMG The blog is finally open =) Hey Christy how was tour?
479. Lisa CU said on 7/1/12 - 10:39AM
I heard you got hurt on tour?
480. STGG89 said on 7/1/12 - 10:40AM
I think Bird is a new rookie no article yet though
481. Bailey BIG BOI said on 7/1/12 - 10:43AM
What happen to the Mayhem pg?
482. Taylor #45 said on 7/1/12 - 10:44AM
Who got hurt on tour?
483. Lance L said on 7/1/12 - 10:45AM
Whos' bikini top is that hanging on that tree?
484. Derrick said on 7/1/12 - 10:45AM
I'm pretty sure it's christie's !
485. Kevin B said on 7/1/12 - 10:48AM
She's so f****** HOT Dam girl text me already 213 XXX-XXXX
486. STGG89 said on 7/1/12 - 10:49AM
ha ha ha loser she is not going to text you already you've been asking for 4 season has she text you yet??? TOOL
487. Mika Y said on 7/1/12 - 10:50AM
So where is Kaddy did he really jump out of plane?
488. Terri C said on 7/1/12 - 10:51AM
WHAT? Like suicide ???
489. Allen L said on 7/1/12 - 10:51AM
No skydiving
490. Steve A said on 7/1/12 - 10:53AM
This is for christy... Do you workout at Lifetime? I think I saw you there???
491. Higgins R said on 7/1/12 - 10:54AM
Is she dating anyone yet?
492. Martinez S said on 7/1/12 - 10:55AM
I wanna know who bird is?
493. Rachell CU Boulder said on 7/1/12 - 10:56AM
He's one of the new rookies can't you read?
494. ShotGun 44 said on 7/1/12 - 10:57AM
Where's his picture?
495. Kauai said on 7/1/12 - 10:58AM
Hi Nic aloha hope to hear from you soon
496. Brandt T said on 7/1/12 - 11:00AM
Christy DOLL you boobs are hypnotizing to me I love you girlie
497. Amanda said on 7/1/12 - 11:02AM
Where is Sexy Matt??
498. James said on 7/1/12 - 11:03AM
When does the calendar come out?
499. Curtis said on 7/1/12 - 11:04AM
Christy Babe???
500. Eric said on 7/1/12 - 11:05AM
Eric wants to chrissy time
501. Becca N said on 7/8/12 - 03:34AM
I'm looking forward to seeing who the new rookies are?
502. Caligirl66 said on 7/8/12 - 03:35AM
Me too. I hope there all HOT like the boyz from last season.
503. Baron k03 said on 7/8/12 - 03:36AM
F*** that where's my babe christy cakes chillin these dayz
504. A.J. G said on 7/8/12 - 03:37AM
I think she's hot but high maintenance.
505. Mattie P said on 7/8/12 - 03:38AM
Your just pissed cause she we wont hit you up no matter how many times you post your number lol
506. Brian 88 said on 7/8/12 - 03:39AM
Hey how can I get on Mayhem?
507. Max said on 7/8/12 - 03:40AM
Chrissy hit me up at 213 ***-**** today girl TODAY!!!!!!
508. WendyASU said on 7/8/12 - 03:41AM
When can we see what this bird guy looks like?
509. Holister2000 said on 7/8/12 - 03:41AM
510. Vince L said on 7/8/12 - 03:43AM
Hello? How I cant get this video thing to work ? It worked last season??
511. Tara Martinez said on 7/15/12 - 03:47PM
OMG So thats bird damn babe can I ride
512. GJ 44 said on 7/15/12 - 03:48PM
I know that kid he's really nice..
513. Deanna B WY said on 7/15/12 - 03:49PM
What is this sh** does christie just grow fine a** men in here back yard?
514. jena Boulder said on 7/15/12 - 03:50PM
Hes sounds nice an all but he looks like trouble lol...
515. CheerGirl GJ said on 7/15/12 - 03:52PM
Hes gotta nice body =)
516. Kami Y said on 7/15/12 - 03:54PM
Bird do you wanna kick it in my nest for night?? text me 303-***-**** (please)
517. Tine M said on 7/15/12 - 03:55PM
He looks like party animal...
518. Gjresident said on 7/16/12 - 12:04PM
Put Bird on! I want to find out more about him!
519. BelindaG said on 7/16/12 - 12:33PM
How old is he?
520. Stacey24 said on 7/16/12 - 12:34PM
He looks like is about 30-33
521. Mika Y said on 7/16/12 - 12:35PM
Who cares, he's hot!!!
522. Lacey B66 said on 7/16/12 - 12:37PM
I think he looks pretty hot too, but what does he look like without that shirt?
523. kelly M CSU said on 7/16/12 - 12:38PM
Well hey there cowboy =)
524. tina m said on 7/16/12 - 12:38PM
I cant find you on face book?
525. Taylor #45 said on 7/16/12 - 12:40PM
I have a question for bird.. What is christie like and can she a b***** sometimes or is she cool ?
526. Bailey BIG BOI said on 7/16/12 - 12:41PM
I think he even knows chrissy, he just a rookie I don't think he's even met her yet.
527. Ali P. said on 7/17/12 - 11:15AM
I love Birdy and Kaddy....I can wait to see more on these two....seriously some of the funniest and wild guys I have ever met!!
528. Bailey C said on 7/27/12 - 08:00AM
Is he single?
529. Sarah L CSU said on 7/27/12 - 08:03AM
He's hot, he better single =)
530. Brad L said on 7/27/12 - 08:13AM
Christy has another dude in her life I have to compete with? This is bull**** where do these guys come from?
531. Regina J CU said on 7/27/12 - 08:18AM
If he isn't single he should be hes hot I wanna run my fingers over his sexy bald head lol
532. Kelli P said on 7/27/12 - 08:19AM
I like his eyes. When is he going to put on a speedo?
533. Michigan Girl said on 7/27/12 - 08:20AM
Damn>>>>>>> Bird.... Whaz up cowboy?
534. Tine M ASU said on 7/27/12 - 08:21AM
Do you think he's really cowboy or just wears the hat well?
535. Tami Yoder said on 7/27/12 - 08:21AM
Who gives cares I just wanna see whatever he's hiding under that shirt.
536. Denim said on 7/27/12 - 08:24AM
60 seconds Bird... The Rose Friday Night Me, You, Ry, and a friend... Lets do it again... Text me
537. Denise L said on 7/27/12 - 08:25AM
Christy you suck ha ha Do you grow these men in your back yard?
538. Denver Girl 44 said on 7/27/12 - 08:25AM
Yes she does, and I wanna know her secret.
539. kami W said on 7/27/12 - 08:26AM
So is he dating anyone? or married or what?
540. Mika Y said on 7/27/12 - 08:27AM
No he's single thank God... It would suck if he wasn't!
541. Gia Cali 10 said on 7/27/12 - 08:28AM
Bird: Are you married?
542. Nancy Cali said on 7/27/12 - 08:29AM
Call me (213)***-*** PLEASE I wanna kiss =)
543. Ali said on 7/27/12 - 08:30AM
Is he on facebook or myspace?
544. kelly M CSU said on 7/27/12 - 08:31AM
Lets kick it sometime.
545. Hailey K said on 7/27/12 - 08:32AM
Oh My God.... Thats new Bird hum ??????
546. Deanna B WY said on 7/27/12 - 08:33AM
When does the show start? and does did he go on tour with Chrissy?
547. erin l said on 7/27/12 - 08:34AM
He said in his article crazy ass christy, they must be close right?
548. Caligirl66 said on 7/27/12 - 08:35AM
Maybe there just friends?
549. Felicia said on 7/27/12 - 08:36AM
Whatever, He looks kinda stuck up to me.
550. Alister Flordia State said on 7/27/12 - 08:37AM
She is so lucky, she gets to fly all over the world and brings guys like that along.. I wish I were rich and famous
551. Boyd said on 7/27/12 - 08:38AM
Hey Bird,I liked your article are in Denver now?
552. texassss 12 said on 7/27/12 - 08:39AM
Hey they moved the shout box ha ha
553. BrookeCSU said on 7/29/12 - 08:33AM
hey Bird lol. when u putin more pics up?
554. Robin Johnson said on 7/31/12 - 05:03AM
Brandon is my son and can so I can say that not only is he handsome, but kind. His personality comes out in his photos, he is wonderful man with high integrity.
555. Trish said on 7/31/12 - 09:53AM
Steve rocks!!! Christy if you are wise you will pick him!!
556. Haylie said on 8/1/12 - 05:25AM
Wow Steve rocks!
557. taylor 11 said on 8/5/12 - 09:34AM
His name is Brandon?
558. Mika T said on 8/5/12 - 09:34AM
I like that name, besides who cares he's really sweet looking=)
559. Brandy 77 said on 8/5/12 - 09:35AM
I wanna touch his head ha ha it looks like good luck
560. Seth w said on 8/5/12 - 09:36AM
Is chrissy the boss and model?
561. Kyle p said on 8/5/12 - 09:37AM
I think I saw her and bird at country fest this year or maybe it was another chick
562. Dean said on 8/5/12 - 09:38AM
I read her article and it sounds like she's more than just beauty she's got brains too
563. Lance B said on 8/5/12 - 09:38AM
Steve looks really cute, =) Hey he's got a knife in his back pocket ha ha
564. Cari 990 said on 8/5/12 - 09:39AM
lol thats funny hes got a cross in one hand and knife in his pocket
565. King 44 CSU said on 8/5/12 - 09:40AM
Is christy rich like out of this world rich?
566. Lacey B66 said on 8/5/12 - 09:41AM
What do you think,,, this guy ha ha of coarse tool!
567. Matt b said on 8/5/12 - 09:43AM
Is she going to the VMA's this year? and who is she taking I'll volunteer to be her date
568. WendyASU said on 8/5/12 - 09:43AM
She went last year so most likely so
569. pat b said on 8/5/12 - 09:44AM
Hey I wanna be a rookie, how much does it pay ?
570. Stacey24 said on 8/5/12 - 09:44AM
Bird,,,,, Damn Papi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
571. DD said on 8/5/12 - 09:45AM
Ride the full 8 bird
572. jamie c8CU said on 8/5/12 - 09:46AM
Why hasn't the store opened yet?
573. Deanna B WY said on 8/5/12 - 09:46AM
Its not time yet
574. Sarah L CSU said on 8/5/12 - 09:47AM
I'll bet steve has amillion girls after him!
575. Deanna B WY said on 8/5/12 - 09:47AM
And Bird amillion an 1
576. alison k said on 8/5/12 - 09:48AM
Bird can you please text me like now I have something for you =)
577. Sarah L CSU said on 8/5/12 - 09:48AM
I'm sure what you have he doesn't want S***!
578. WendyASU said on 8/5/12 - 09:50AM
lol s*** thats hilarious
579. Megan A23 said on 8/6/12 - 09:25AM
I like the new picture of Bird.
580. Brooke said on 8/7/12 - 05:05PM
I vote Bird!
581. Megan A23 said on 8/8/12 - 06:51AM
I vote bird too
582. Dan L#44 said on 8/8/12 - 06:52AM
583. kelly M CSU said on 8/8/12 - 06:53AM
Damn that dude is HOTTTTTTTTTTT Are he and chrisie shooting together is that what were voting for?
584. Hailey K said on 8/8/12 - 06:54AM
Chrissy doing her own thing. I'm not even sure if they've met yet he's just a rookie
585. Alley S said on 8/8/12 - 06:55AM
I wanna see more of bird... When are more pictures coming out?
586. Barry T said on 8/8/12 - 06:58AM
I've been a huge fan of CL since her first talk show appearance.. And I like the new reality show I caught the pilot last last season, my question is when is the new one coming out and is Bird or Steve in it?
587. Silvia C said on 8/8/12 - 07:00AM
The old show was so drama packed I couldn't believe it was real. That girl handles alot of crap and keeps on smiling. I admire her..
588. Nancy Cali said on 8/8/12 - 07:01AM
Mr. Bird are you and christie friends do you even know her yet our do you have to wait till you make it?:
589. Tyson B213 said on 8/8/12 - 07:03AM
I think that bird kid looks really fat in his new picture shouldn't he try alittle harder to lose weight if he knows he's gonna be out infront of the world like this ??? I mean I would
590. Mika Y said on 8/8/12 - 07:04AM
I think it's his shirt and the way the wind is blowing.
591. Erica M said on 8/8/12 - 07:05AM
Who give a f*** hes hot enough said!
592. BALL BREAKER BLONDE said on 8/8/12 - 07:07AM
Vote bird dump everyone else ha ha
593. Nancy Cali said on 8/8/12 - 07:10AM
Birds, interview is so bland and surface I wish he would speak more about his personal life, like is he seeing any one and crap like that? And whats with that steve dude and his cross and knife ??????
594. Valerie Utah said on 8/8/12 - 07:12AM
I like Steve smile, it looks genuine... I vote for him =) That Bird dude looks like my dads bowling partner. too old
595. Monica Martinez said on 8/8/12 - 07:14AM
Whatever, Valerie what are you 12?? Thats a man's man babe you don't wanna mess with dat Hey Bird papi can I have your babe ha ha for real !!! 213-***.**** babe hit me up
596. Gia Cali 10 said on 8/8/12 - 07:15AM
What ever happen to evan?
597. WendyASU said on 8/8/12 - 07:17AM
Ha ha whatever evan who bitach !!!
598. Taylor #45 said on 8/8/12 - 07:18AM
Christy GIRL TEXT ME PLEASE (714) ***-**** Please
599. Nancy Cali said on 8/8/12 - 07:19AM
I vote bird!!!
600. DD said on 8/8/12 - 07:20AM
I know that bird kid lol what the f*** your hang'in with the a supermmodel now?? How'd that happen?
601. Rachell CU Boulder said on 8/8/12 - 07:22AM
Man I want her life must be nice =)
602. Cynthia l said on 8/8/12 - 07:23AM
Right, right, hot dudes, beautiful, money, travel, We HATE Her ! =)
603. Jazz said on 8/15/12 - 03:06PM
Denzel seems like a very good catch and very worthy of moving on :)
604. R B said on 8/31/12 - 10:58AM
Wow Steve looks good, want to more of him and more about him
605. Kay said on 9/16/12 - 12:30PM
Alex is a very handsome young man. The black and white photo is very dashing.
606. Danielle said on 9/16/12 - 12:43PM
Alex Rios is gorgeous! I defenitely get this feeling that he is going to shine in the modeling industry! He not only is attractive, but seems like he has a lot of ambition and passion for life! Good luck and congratulations Mr. Rios!
607. Katrina said on 9/22/12 - 04:44PM
Alex is very handsome...the black and white photos are great.
608. JerseyDevil said on 9/24/12 - 05:36PM
My boy steve been steady puttin on the moves for years!! that boy good.
609. Deanna B WY said on 9/28/12 - 02:28PM
Alex is very cute is he the new model?
610. alison k said on 9/28/12 - 02:29PM
I really liked his interview very creative =)
611. WendyASU said on 9/28/12 - 02:29PM
What happen to bird did ?
612. Gia Cali 10 said on 9/28/12 - 02:30PM
Its between Denzel & Alex There both registered hotties
613. Cari 990 said on 9/28/12 - 02:31PM
She always fine guys around her, and Alex is just "Damn"
614. Lacey B66 said on 9/28/12 - 02:32PM
When do we get to see more of Steve "f" Alex
615. Stacey24 said on 9/28/12 - 02:33PM
I think Denzel is my favorite but where is Bird?
616. Taylor #45 said on 9/28/12 - 02:36PM
Chrissie is so lucky, hey girl can I borrow Steve just for a night????
617. Kyle p said on 9/28/12 - 02:36PM
Steve who??
618. Nancy Cali said on 9/28/12 - 02:36PM
Steve what???
619. Monica M said on 9/28/12 - 02:37PM
Its about Denzel and me besides he's already on my bucket list of things to do in 2013
620. teresa said on 9/28/12 - 02:39PM
Alex can you look me up on fb i just want to ask you a few questions Teresa ***** ok thanks
621. kesha l24 said on 9/28/12 - 02:41PM
"D" CALL ME NOW 720.***-**** tonight (please)
622. BALL BREAKER BLONDE said on 9/28/12 - 02:41PM
When does the commercials of these guys start?
623. genna trigger 1 said on 9/28/12 - 02:42PM
I wanna know why i cant find Denzel on facebook
624. jamie c8CU said on 9/28/12 - 02:43PM
I found alex but I cant send him a friend request???
625. jasmine said on 10/4/12 - 08:55AM
Steve looks like a real man. A real sexy Man.
626. Stacey24 said on 10/5/12 - 05:51AM
I really like that Denzel guy, his article is well put together.
627. LLCOOLJJJ said on 10/5/12 - 05:52AM
Go BIG D!!!!!
628. maggie m said on 10/5/12 - 05:52AM
Those shades work
629. alison k said on 10/5/12 - 05:53AM
I miss bird, he was hott
630. Rachell CU Boulder said on 10/5/12 - 05:54AM
Steve o sounds a little jealous to me what the deal guy?
631. Cari 990 said on 10/5/12 - 05:55AM
Yea right, he's hating on Denzel but I'm not sure why
632. WendyASU said on 10/5/12 - 05:55AM
BIG D get yours
633. Nancy Cali said on 10/5/12 - 05:57AM
His picture looks like an album cover ha ha Hey Denzel when does your cd drop lol ?
634. Lacey B66 said on 10/5/12 - 05:58AM
Whats up with bird ?
635. Monica Martinez said on 10/5/12 - 05:59AM
Hi Alex =)
636. Dan L#44 said on 10/5/12 - 06:00AM
That steve guy sounds like a tool lol
637. Sonja babegirl said on 10/5/12 - 06:02AM
Damit Denzel what the "F***" when are you going to send me a friend request on face ????????????? Do it today sonja ******
638. Sonja babegirl said on 10/5/12 - 06:02AM
I sent an email to you a few weeks ago did you get it?
639. Sonja babegirl said on 10/5/12 - 06:03AM
640. Melissa J said on 10/5/12 - 06:04AM
Bump that B**** D this aint taco bell, Im serving greens and hamhocks come get it babe =)
641. David B50150 said on 10/5/12 - 06:07AM
642. Valerie Utah said on 10/5/12 - 06:08AM
Only three left wow, what happen?
643. Megan A23 said on 10/5/12 - 06:08AM
Cuts, cuts, and more good byes
644. Felicia said on 10/5/12 - 06:12AM
Alex looks too soft is he really trying to hang with Bird & Denzel?
645. Valerie Utah said on 10/5/12 - 06:13AM
What about steve?
646. Stacey24 said on 10/5/12 - 06:14AM
Who cares, he sounds like a tool in his article.
647. kelly M CSU said on 10/5/12 - 06:15AM
steve, one word "trailer"
648. Taylor #45 said on 10/5/12 - 06:20AM
Steve looks really nice but his article is littered with jealousy for Denzel. Whats up with that?
649. Deanna B WY said on 10/5/12 - 06:22AM
They should really consider bringing back bird he at least sounded like a decent guy.
650. Cari 990 said on 10/5/12 - 06:22AM
yea he was cool.
651. Valerie Utah said on 10/5/12 - 06:23AM
Denzel and Alex sound alright...
652. Kylie W said on 10/5/12 - 06:26AM
Hey Denzel text me =) 213 ***-**** let chill awhile =)
653. WD11 said on 10/5/12 - 06:28AM
How do I find the new articles?
654. Hailey K said on 10/5/12 - 06:29AM
Just click on the red tabs under there pictures.
655. Duane said on 10/5/12 - 12:07PM
Pretty doggone nice place you have here Steve!
656. George said on 10/5/12 - 01:25PM
I just want to see more of christy =)
657. Blaine C#78 said on 10/5/12 - 01:26PM
Is she dating anyone yet?
658. Stacey24 said on 10/5/12 - 01:26PM
I thought she was still that one guy Zack?
659. A.J. G said on 10/5/12 - 01:28PM
No that was along time ago, she's not haging with anyone at the moment.
660. Stacey24 said on 10/5/12 - 01:28PM
How do you know?
661. A.J. G said on 10/5/12 - 01:29PM
Cause I use to date her and we still talk every now an again.
662. Nate H said on 10/5/12 - 01:30PM
She's hot but I wonder if she's stuck or a total b****? I mean she's got money and looks and that tends to make a B**** crazy
663. David B50150 said on 10/5/12 - 01:33PM
Who cares I wanna know how I can get with Denzel and Christy together and you can also add Alex I like his mouth opps smile ha ha
664. Cynthia l said on 10/5/12 - 01:33PM
You crack me up David,,, are you gay?
665. David B50150 said on 10/5/12 - 01:34PM
No just GREEDY lol
666. Nancy Cali said on 10/5/12 - 01:39PM
Greedy is always good ha ha
667. Monica Martinez said on 10/5/12 - 01:40PM
Damn I wanna swing from a denzel vine =)
668. alison k said on 10/5/12 - 01:40PM
He's with Christy i think at least thats what his article says
669. A.J. G said on 10/5/12 - 01:41PM
BULL S*** he said lets see what happens she wont bite she only dates white boys
670. Paris L said on 10/5/12 - 01:45PM
I thought she and zac were great what happened?
671. Silvia C said on 10/5/12 - 01:46PM
I liked bird he seemed like a go getter
672. Mark S said on 10/5/12 - 01:48PM
I miss being a DTC I had so much fun =) Hey C I hope these guys treat right
673. joe p said on 10/5/12 - 01:49PM
How do I get on that team?
674. albert m said on 10/5/12 - 01:50PM
They had sign up for it back in April, I was on the list but didn't make the main team.
675. Monica Martinez said on 10/5/12 - 01:51PM
When do the video shorts come out on these guys? I wanna see denzel's lips move =)
676. Rachell CU Boulder said on 10/5/12 - 01:54PM
B**** why in the world would think Denzizzel would have anything to do with yo raggady ace your just a common street hoe he's chillin with the big doggs now get a clue!
677. Drey W LSU said on 10/5/12 - 01:56PM
Christy is one rich b**** this girl is always in the air every year and drops mad cash on these dudes in search of her dream I wanna strong B**** like that
678. Deanna B WY said on 10/5/12 - 01:59PM
DENZEL I asked you to call me did you get my number? 213 ***-**** Please it's important
679. Gia Cali 10 said on 10/5/12 - 02:00PM
D???????????????????? F**** her
680. kesha l24 said on 10/5/12 - 02:00PM
He's gonna make mad cash you can see it in his eyes
681. WD11 said on 10/5/12 - 02:01PM
I like Alex's article is he a baller?
682. Drey W LSU said on 10/5/12 - 02:02PM
Steve's a hater did you read his cry babe sh**? what Denzel wont play with you?
683. alison k said on 10/5/12 - 02:03PM
Hey take it easy on him hes a beginner
684. Seth w said on 10/5/12 - 02:05PM
She's hot I like her eyes
685. Dusten said on 10/5/12 - 02:07PM
How can I find christy on facebook?
686. Eddie 19 said on 10/5/12 - 02:08PM
Hey Christy how are things this is Ed from o chem ha ha
687. Donovan20 said on 10/5/12 - 02:09PM
Hey girly whaz up
688. Erica M said on 10/5/12 - 02:11PM
Hey steve how is the rookie thing playing out for you?
689. A.J. G said on 10/5/12 - 02:11PM
I'm lost without you girl I'm sorry for being a dic to you text me
690. Cassie F said on 10/5/12 - 02:12PM
OMG AJ you guys broke up in the 9th grade let it go already ha ha tool
691. King 44 CSU said on 10/5/12 - 02:13PM
Explain how these guys got to be apart of her world?
692. Donna B said on 10/5/12 - 02:14PM
This question is for Denzel: Are you dating anyone?
693. Blake WS said on 10/5/12 - 02:15PM
Hey good question... Is chrissy dating anyone?
694. Mike H said on 10/5/12 - 02:17PM
Hi Chris,,, how are things?
695. Monica Martinez said on 10/5/12 - 02:18PM
What ethnicity are you Denzel?
696. Blaine C#78 said on 10/5/12 - 02:19PM
Alex sounds lost ha ha
697. Tesha Tesha said on 10/5/12 - 02:20PM
Welcome to Mcdonalds may I take your order please/ Yes i will have a Denzel shake, with the Denzel fries, and a side of Denzel to go =)
698. WendyASU said on 10/5/12 - 02:21PM
That was funny lol
699. Monica Martinez said on 10/5/12 - 02:21PM
Denzel is seeing me B**** back the f*** up
700. Tesha Tesha said on 10/5/12 - 02:23PM
Your just a stoker trick trying to hook a baller
701. BALL BREAKER BLONDE said on 10/5/12 - 02:24PM
Wow girls calm down he probably wouldn't give either of you the time of day!
702. Lance B said on 10/5/12 - 02:24PM
ha ha ha
703. Sonja babegirl said on 10/19/12 - 05:30PM
OMG Where did Rich come from?
704. Deanna B WY said on 10/19/12 - 05:32PM
He's new I think.
705. Silvia C said on 10/19/12 - 05:33PM
Christy is so damn hot, which one of those guys do you think is dating her?
706. alison k said on 10/19/12 - 05:34PM
Denzel is, you can tell.
707. WendyASU said on 10/19/12 - 05:34PM
No that Rich guy is he reminds me of zac
708. Deanna B WY said on 10/19/12 - 05:37PM
Hey Rich are you dating Chrissy?
709. Cari 990 said on 10/19/12 - 05:38PM
ha ha ha whatever it sure the hell isn't steve he looks crazy lol
710. Donna B said on 10/19/12 - 05:39PM
Its rich he's hot!!!
711. Rachell CU Boulder said on 10/19/12 - 05:39PM
It could be someone who isn't even on here.
712. alex v#78 said on 6/22/13 - 05:59PM
Damn christie gets hotter and hotter
713. tasty girl denver said on 7/9/13 - 06:57AM
New rookies who cares where Denzzizil now thats my man
714. carrie b 20 said on 7/9/13 - 06:59AM
WOW yum yum yum DOM eye candy fa sho
715. deva chicago said on 7/9/13 - 07:00AM
NO HOMO Christie is HOT
716. Regina M said on 7/9/13 - 07:01AM
Que'Pasa Is dom italian or white
717. stephaine babe girl said on 7/9/13 - 07:04AM
Denzel was hot now he's a superstar I tried to send him a friend request but that nigga didn't respond. bet, I'll find his a** love you boo call me 213 ***.****
718. WANTED 22 USC said on 7/9/13 - 07:05AM
Chrisie facebook me Ste**** ****
719. deva chicago said on 7/9/13 - 07:07AM
OHHHHH sh** check out den den on the mayhem page
720. Blaine C# 76 said on 7/9/13 - 07:07AM
Where do you sign up to be a rookie?
721. Micca p said on 7/9/13 - 07:09AM
I signed up at dreamteamrookies2014@hotmail.com
722. Megean S said on 7/9/13 - 07:10AM
How old is Dom the body?
723. Xavier M said on 7/9/13 - 07:12AM
Crissy babe twitter X***** ******* Do it today please
724. Lance nshoot said on 7/9/13 - 07:12AM
What is her name tre what ? she pretty cute
725. Kelli g said on 7/9/13 - 07:14AM
I think dom is on face book i sent him a friend request so we'll see
726. Hecamen CSC said on 7/9/13 - 07:15AM
Hey Chris made it CONGRATS BRO
727. rachell texas girl said on 7/9/13 - 07:16AM
Zach looks kind old (right)
728. WANTED 22 USC said on 7/9/13 - 07:17AM
I know he looks kinda scary too
729. Deanna said on 7/9/13 - 07:18AM
I've been waiting for this to open up you guys took long enough...
730. Stacey k23 said on 7/9/13 - 07:19AM
Oh this B**** is back! loser
731. rachell texas girl said on 7/9/13 - 07:19AM
I like the new design =)
732. Ken j said on 7/9/13 - 07:21AM
Christy are you on twitter or Keek?
733. Bailey said on 7/9/13 - 07:22AM
BORING... Wheres C at? And when does the calendar store open up?
734. BB887 said on 8/3/13 - 09:31AM
So is dom the new model for splash dive ? or is he a key grip ?
735. casey big girl said on 8/3/13 - 09:33AM
No hes the new model for against the ocean he looks alot better then zac d***
736. Stacey k23 said on 8/3/13 - 09:33AM
So is denzel fired or what?
737. alex v#78 said on 8/3/13 - 09:35AM
Christieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee damn girl hurt me pleaseeeeeeeessssssssssss
738. smiley68 WY said on 8/3/13 - 09:36AM
They dom looks like your doing big things GO BIG or Go HOME
739. bakerman said on 8/3/13 - 09:45AM
Who cares about those dudes I just stock this site to see christie's fina A**
740. Talia said on 8/3/13 - 09:48AM
741. Meagan l said on 8/3/13 - 09:52AM
Is dominic Italian or mexican and is christie the same?
742. Stacey b NY said on 8/3/13 - 09:56AM
I know kris is but dom looks Mexican
743. Torrie KC12 said on 8/3/13 - 09:56AM
I don't think so he looks more mixed if you as me
744. WANTED 22 USC said on 8/3/13 - 09:58AM
NO WAY he doesn't look Indian
745. BaileyCU said on 8/3/13 - 09:58AM
Where did you get Indian? Like Navajo or something TOOL
746. GinnyL said on 8/3/13 - 09:59AM
Are they dating?
747. Kelli g said on 8/3/13 - 10:00AM
No krissy doesn't dig on dating she's like a lone she wolf or something. lol
748. jared wSND said on 8/3/13 - 10:01AM
oh thats right last season that one dude wanted to date her and she was like really? sometimes I think she's clueless I'm mean you could tell that guy really liked her
749. Sammie k said on 8/3/13 - 10:03AM
She's completely cluesless but I wonder about that I mean maybe she's just sheltered.
750. Robert Bsexgun66 said on 8/3/13 - 10:04AM
Kris has no street smarts but who cares she's rich and hot!!!
751. Stacey k23 said on 8/3/13 - 10:05AM
You know whats funny she always has the hottest dudes around her but doesn't hit any of them up
752. Micca p said on 8/3/13 - 10:05AM
She christian dork thats sh*** for later
753. GG667 said on 8/3/13 - 10:07AM
All of those chicks look lame except for the dark one
754. Kaeylee M said on 8/3/13 - 11:17AM
Hey when are rookie auditions for 2014?
755. tasty girl denver said on 8/3/13 - 11:19AM
I'm in love with Denzel but he's such a punk he wont except my friend request on facebook
756. Danielle, mmustangs said on 8/3/13 - 11:21AM
OMG Dominic * Didn't you go to P***** I love you so much we went to middle school together..
757. Tina Martinez Dogherty said on 8/3/13 - 11:23AM
B**** please you don't no him hes a F****** star why would he even look in your raggedy direction?
758. Deanna D.CU said on 8/3/13 - 11:24AM
ha ha thats f****** funny dominic already has a stocker lol
759. Jodi S said on 8/3/13 - 11:25AM
Babe there stars don't sweat it, if you knew him then that was a different guy
760. Dennis ** said on 8/3/13 - 11:27AM
tre'kelaaaaaaaaaaa girl hit me up on facebook
761. Betty s said on 8/3/13 - 11:28AM
Hey denzel are you single?
762. Pueblo king said on 8/3/13 - 11:29AM
Where did kaelee's pic go?
763. Reggiew said on 8/3/13 - 11:31AM
babegirl tre'kela call me my number is # 970 *** **** do where do you live ?
764. Melinda b Cali said on 8/3/13 - 11:32AM
christie looks like a b**** is she stuck up? she thinks she hot sh**
765. Russ A said on 8/3/13 - 11:38AM
Yea christie is a total rich b**** I wrote her once and she never wrote back. she could at least take a few minutes out of her F******* to respond. I even bought her calendar.
766. stevie j said on 8/3/13 - 11:41AM
TRE'KELA text me babe I want you I think your crazy sexy DAMN
767. Tanner K said on 8/3/13 - 11:44AM
I love chrissys b***** those babes real
768. Danny O44 said on 8/3/13 - 12:05PM
Hey I just saw dominic tweet about hanging out with crissy..
769. Robert Bsexgun66 said on 8/3/13 - 12:06PM
Yea but did she tweet back?
770. Jerry T said on 8/3/13 - 12:07PM
Where waiting to see but s far no
771. frankie fetter 08 said on 8/3/13 - 12:08PM
I would give anything to be him just to be able to call her for a date or a movie damn that sucks
772. Chace N said on 8/3/13 - 12:10PM
Do you think guys like that appreciate they have?
773. Carley101 said on 8/3/13 - 01:06PM
I think your being a dick.
774. Carley101 said on 8/3/13 - 01:07PM
Do you feel stupid now?
775. Seth M said on 8/3/13 - 01:07PM
See spot run.
776. michael h said on 8/3/13 - 01:08PM
Man that guy creeps me out. He's like a f***** stoker of christie its weird that guys like 67 and creeps on young girls.
777. Allen w trainer said on 8/3/13 - 01:10PM
hey girl, you look good, REAL GOOD! I saw you at lifetime today do you wanna get coffee sometime?
778. Paulina K said on 8/3/13 - 01:11PM
Christie's a christian I didn't know that =)
779. Jodi S said on 8/3/13 - 01:11PM
So is Dominic did you read his article ?
780. Kelli g said on 8/3/13 - 01:13PM
Are you following him on twitter?
781. Myron m said on 8/3/13 - 02:16PM
I've been following C-Dogg for a while now and when I saw that article about her and Dominic i got curious. So are you guys a together?
782. Jasime c said on 8/3/13 - 02:17PM
I'm a new producer will you send me your comp card?
783. Victoria said on 8/3/13 - 02:18PM
Hey Chris
784. Sabrina c said on 8/3/13 - 02:19PM
Dom will you take a few pictures with me so i can get noticed?
785. Ray L said on 8/3/13 - 02:20PM
When does the new season start?
786. Sabrina c said on 8/3/13 - 02:23PM
I think they are together beautiful people like them usually make the best lovers. I wonder if they really get along or is it all for the cameras
787. Allegra said on 8/3/13 - 02:24PM
Midday Edition Host... Would you care to commit on your relationship Dominic
788. Broka:) City said on 8/3/13 - 02:28PM
I follow Cuz You're #playerway and I'm a big fan of christies so your cool in my book.
789. Helene H said on 8/3/13 - 02:30PM
Your cute Dominic if you ever get tired of christie look me up =)
790. Luke F said on 8/3/13 - 02:32PM
Im just really glad to see a christian guy and girl set a good example for my daughter. I hope you guys last good luck....
791. Neil said on 8/3/13 - 02:34PM
amen brother... Thats why I follow christie she seems so sweet and lovable. a good girl
792. Paige m said on 8/4/13 - 11:02AM
Its so strange how celebrities seem to always be on the same page with everything.
793. Tamike C. 213 said on 8/4/13 - 11:03AM
I waited up till 3 in the morning just to see if Christie would text Dominiic back
794. bambi girl said on 8/4/13 - 11:04AM
Did she?
795. Stacey k23 said on 8/4/13 - 11:05AM
I mean seriously yo, why would you wait up?
796. Kelli g said on 8/4/13 - 11:26AM
I guess I just really wanted to see if that dom guy really knew her of if he was a poser
797. Riback said on 10/31/14 - 07:02AM
Christie is so f****** hot facebook me mama at ***********
798. Lisa23 said on 10/31/14 - 07:08AM
It's about time where is Denzel's a** ?? Christie probably threw him off a cliff with her sorry a**
799. Casey J said on 10/31/14 - 07:08AM
Luke is hot!!!!!
800. BADGIRL11 said on 10/31/14 - 07:10AM
801. Steptexas said on 10/31/14 - 07:12AM
Wow where do they find these guys. I'll take 1 of Luke, 3 servings of Tyler and 3 more servings of Preston... call me 213-***-****
802. Girl#6 said on 10/31/14 - 07:16AM
Preston, has a nice body.. I hope he make it this year. Which one of these guys is up for ATO does anyone know?
803. Tara303 said on 10/31/14 - 12:20PM
I know Luke and hes a really nice guy I think he would be great in the show. Where can I find past episodes of christie's fantastic world. I have season's 4&5 not 6? thanks
804. Nathan G. said on 10/31/14 - 12:23PM
Tara her trailers are available through video cloud a division of Disney..
805. Bailey69 said on 11/1/14 - 10:11AM
Okay people the cutest guys this season are Tyler, Preston, and Luke. I think it'd going to come down to those 3 what do yall think?
806. LisaM. said on 11/1/14 - 10:13AM
My vote goes to Preston he's just hot!
807. Tami101 said on 11/1/14 - 10:15AM
B*** ****. It's Tyler are you blind? He's got the whole DARK SHADES BAD BOI LOOK. Thats the S***
808. kellyr said on 11/1/14 - 10:16AM
Yes I agree, and besides it's all about ato and he look the part, although gorilla man press is WOW..
809. Lisa23 said on 11/1/14 - 10:17AM
jon looks like my brother "YUKE"
810. AllisonB said on 11/1/14 - 10:18AM
I was wondering when they were going to open this up. I've been checking back every week. cool so who do we have this season?
811. Tami101 said on 11/1/14 - 10:19AM
Allot of new faces but some real cuties. my favorite is tylerrrrrrrr and pressssman.
812. lonnieb said on 11/1/14 - 10:20AM
That Luke guy looks like a neo nazi don't think so?
813. carriew said on 11/1/14 - 10:22AM
no not really, he just looks very blonde. tyler looks mysterious. preston looks sweet the type of guy who opens doors an stuff. Are these guys on twitter or facebook?
814. monica69 said on 11/1/14 - 10:24AM
I think they are but I don't have a facebook. I've been trying to find Tyler on twitter but no luck. i want to write him but i can't find him.
815. sarapixie1 said on 11/1/14 - 10:25AM
he's not on twitter I checked unless he's under another name.
816. HeidiK said on 11/1/14 - 10:27AM
Preston's on facebook I think, so is Luke but you can't send them an email. = ( Why do they put these gorgeous guys up here but wont let anyone reach out and talk to them?
817. LisaM. said on 11/1/14 - 10:28AM
Because stupid it's not a dating site it's a modeling hot dude eye candy audition. Weren't you paying attention last season? huh? huh? Stocker
818. ErinCowGirl said on 11/1/14 - 10:29AM
Ha Ha loser.
819. jamietexas said on 11/1/14 - 10:30AM
I like the 2nd guy from the left.
820. Lisa23 said on 11/1/14 - 10:30AM
Thats tylerrrrrrrr.
821. dannygirl said on 11/1/14 - 10:31AM
I just want to know if they're single or taken?
822. kellyr said on 11/1/14 - 10:32AM
Good question... Hey Luke are you dating anyone? and will you please facebook me at Kelly******* please.
823. HeidiK said on 11/1/14 - 10:34AM
Hey good idea Tyler do you play ball for USC?
824. jamietexas said on 11/1/14 - 10:35AM
Preston are you dating christie ? I think you and her would look great on the calendar.
825. Steptexas said on 11/1/14 - 10:36AM
Preston looks like her type. Shes so lucky I hate her. I hate all the VS models why do they get guys like that and I have to settle for some dude name Doug who works at 711
826. Denna D said on 11/1/14 - 10:37AM
I could see her dating Preston, but I really like Luke and he said in his bio that he had a mad crush on Crissie.
827. Nathan G. said on 11/1/14 - 10:38AM
No No NO check christy's twitter page people. it's Tyler.
828. Debi33 said on 11/13/14 - 07:24AM
I like Tylers new picture it's a lot better then his old one.
829. brianSCCarolina said on 11/13/14 - 07:26AM
How do I get on the team?
830. Lisa23 said on 11/13/14 - 07:27AM
What makes you think they would want your ugly a**?
831. LL303GRANDJ said on 11/13/14 - 07:28AM
Wow TBONE you really do know a supermodel i thought you were kidding..
832. kevinf720a said on 11/13/14 - 07:32AM
His girl friend is hot!
833. Tami101 said on 11/13/14 - 07:33AM
Who's girl friend?
834. Tami101 said on 11/13/14 - 07:33AM
Who's girl friend?
835. Jake94Purdue said on 11/13/14 - 07:34AM
That Preston guy, he's always chatt'in it up with chrissy on facebook.
836. Lori B. said on 11/13/14 - 07:38AM
I think your both wrong she's talking to this guy on twitter tjwatts from Wisconsin.
837. lesterman said on 11/13/14 - 07:40AM
No NO NO NO A******* he has a profile pic of him and chrissy on facebook.
838. Vicky 303 said on 11/13/14 - 07:42AM
839. Megan Torres said on 11/13/14 - 07:43AM
tyler hottie
840. Kayladenver said on 11/13/14 - 07:47AM
That Bastard we were just texting last night, I sent him my number on facebook and he told me he was single? what the F***
841. Helix111 said on 11/13/14 - 07:48AM
Ha ha ha lol you got played.. stupid broad.
842. Jamiecowgirl said on 11/13/14 - 07:49AM
He doesn't look like that type of person, but preston does..
843. craigskaterboi said on 11/13/14 - 07:51AM
They probably play all kinds of girls count me in lol jk
844. kevinf720a said on 11/13/14 - 07:53AM
I think your full of s*** you don't knnow him your just a poser you stocker b****
845. nncy87 said on 11/13/14 - 07:55AM
I personally like Luke. he just looks kinda shy. where as Jon looks like a serial KILLER
846. Amanda H said on 11/13/14 - 07:56AM
tyler- i'm a 47 year old house wife with two boys I would really them to get into modeling do you have any suggestions?
847. cindyb said on 11/13/14 - 07:57AM
He's so cute do you think hes single?
848. Kayladenver said on 11/13/14 - 08:01AM
He said there just friends.
849. sarapixie1 said on 11/13/14 - 08:02AM
Preston- I was wondering if you were from Ohio?
850. Lisa23 said on 11/13/14 - 08:03AM
Christy are you friends with Kendall Jenner on twitter?
851. Helix111 said on 11/13/14 - 08:04AM
She's the sh** i just love her.
852. scottwelman said on 11/13/14 - 08:05AM
Christie will you please follow me on twitter this is scott we
853. spencerj said on 11/13/14 - 08:06AM
I love you cris will you please accept my friend request on facebook
854. Billp said on 11/13/14 - 08:08AM
I've been single for 5 years and I am looking for a sexy girl to spoil.
855. Helix111 said on 11/13/14 - 08:08AM
856. Kayladenver said on 11/13/14 - 08:09AM
857. BADGIRL11 said on 11/13/14 - 08:09AM
that Bill (creeper) trying to scam for chicks on a model site #loser
858. kevinf720a said on 11/18/14 - 02:25PM
JON IS OUTTA HERE lol thats funny who would F*** up a chance to work on a job like this? #TOOL
859. Tami101 said on 11/18/14 - 02:26PM
Thats crazy, I wonder what he did?
860. Jake94Purdue said on 11/18/14 - 02:27PM
He probably lied on his application lol
861. Lisa23 said on 11/18/14 - 02:28PM
That Billy guy is next.
862. Helix111 said on 11/18/14 - 02:29PM
No Tylerrrrrrrrrrr is He just looks like the type of guy who cant close a deal.
863. Debi33 said on 11/18/14 - 02:30PM
I don't think it's that, I think it just takes a certain type of person to juggle all of the stuff they probably have to do.
864. Robert00 said on 11/18/14 - 02:31PM
I don't care either way I just come to this site to look at crissie babe
865. jessiedenver303 said on 11/18/14 - 02:54PM
lOVING ALL OF THE NEW PIC'S CM please follow me on twitter
866. Lisa23 said on 11/18/14 - 02:55PM
I liked jonny = (
867. HeidiK said on 11/18/14 - 02:55PM
BOO HOO lol loser
868. MorganNYC said on 11/18/14 - 02:56PM
I agree man, I only come here to see my future wife.
869. andycccdogg said on 11/18/14 - 02:57PM
C Girl follow me on twitter please
870. eddien914 said on 11/18/14 - 02:58PM
She wont accept me on fb?????
871. Coreyd16 said on 11/18/14 - 02:59PM
C I love you girl call me (214)***-**** or on fb at corey***16***
872. Trishw said on 11/18/14 - 03:01PM
I wonder if christy even knows any of these guys at this point? I think they would only introduce her to them after they had the right guy?
873. Nancyjaybird said on 11/18/14 - 03:01PM
I think your right.
874. junkyarddog said on 11/18/14 - 03:03PM
I think christy has better things to do with her time than entertain any of these guys.
875. faithl19 said on 11/18/14 - 03:05PM
Jon got the ax ????
876. Cori18 said on 11/18/14 - 03:06PM
I saw her on tv last year at teen choice awards and she looked pretty good but she always looks way to tan in some of her pictures.
877. HeidiK said on 11/18/14 - 03:07PM
I think thats a spray tan I personally like her darker cause she Italian.
878. Darylpound said on 11/18/14 - 03:09PM
I stole that one picture of hers off twitter the black and white one = ) I love that pic
879. Carol B said on 11/30/16 - 07:53AM
880. Mandi l said on 11/30/16 - 07:55AM
Whee is he on twitter?
881. Adam #23 FSU said on 11/30/16 - 07:56AM
His twitter address is levymiller
882. Taracowgirl said on 11/30/16 - 07:58AM
He's at https://twitter.com/LevyMiller
883. footballislife said on 11/30/16 - 04:43PM
She's looks really stuck up, but I love her boobs and her eyes are sexy
884. Gail T. said on 11/30/16 - 04:45PM
I wannna know who the mystery guy is??
885. Wayne K64 said on 11/30/16 - 04:47PM
Christy will you quit being a little b***** and follow me already on twitter DAMN GIRL I CAN LOVE YOU BETTER THEN ANYONE.. MOVE YOUR A** AND FOLLOW ME LUV YA
886. Taracowgirl said on 11/30/16 - 04:49PM
Levy, may I send you my phone number? and can I come with you & chrisanne on next years tour?
887. HellBoi said on 11/30/16 - 04:50PM
Is she on Instagram?
888. Morgan16 said on 11/30/16 - 04:52PM
Where the hello is Levy he's a cutie pie will you have my baby????
889. Jennifer ohiostate said on 11/30/16 - 04:53PM
Does Levy play ball and if so for what team?
890. Dan W22 said on 11/30/16 - 04:56PM
891. Wayne K64 said on 11/30/16 - 04:57PM
she's taken buddy! Little FU****
892. Oggie J said on 11/30/16 - 04:59PM
Did you see the sh** that she's giving away in that black box thing? I want the shoes and watch
893. Mandi l said on 11/30/16 - 05:00PM
I like Levys dimples =)
894. Wayne K64 said on 12/1/16 - 07:50AM
When are try outs for the 2017 dreamteam crew?
895. HaileyTX said on 12/1/16 - 07:51AM
I agree I like Levys dimples too!
896. Landon C said on 12/1/16 - 07:53AM
Chrissy would you ever consider going to prom with me next year?
897. JennyG. said on 12/1/16 - 07:54AM
Morgan16 > do you know Levy?
898. KevinH. said on 12/1/16 - 07:56AM
Christie is so beautiful, I like her kind spirit
899. Morgan16 said on 12/1/16 - 07:57AM
I haven't met him yet cause he's a veteran and I'm still a DTrookie.
900. JennyG. said on 12/1/16 - 08:10AM
Okay I was just wondering, thanks for answering =)
901. Janice34 said on 12/2/16 - 07:34AM
Christie is so pretty when are you coming back to Puerto Rico? We enjoyed having as our quest at the Hyatt
902. JennyG. said on 12/2/16 - 07:49AM
Levy is gaining followers and getting popular on twitter & instagram
903. Landon C said on 12/2/16 - 07:50AM
He's hanging out with the christie is why!
904. FawnB said on 12/2/16 - 07:51AM
He looks like a really nice guy.
905. Brian F. said on 12/4/16 - 10:18AM
Wow I went to Middle school with Christie, what happen to your pig tails? ha ha #Stillcute
906. JacobTexas said on 12/4/16 - 10:20AM
C Why aren't you in the Victoria's Secret Show this year ?
907. Camfootball said on 12/4/16 - 10:21AM
Is he naked it the one gold picture?
908. JacobTexas said on 12/4/16 - 10:22AM
She sure is!!!! lick =)
909. CailaW said on 12/4/16 - 10:23AM
She single because she's a stuck up
910. KevinH. said on 12/4/16 - 10:24AM
No she just doesn't want to end up with any jerks! So shut it pimple chick Caila
911. JessieNBF said on 12/4/16 - 10:26AM
Thats telling her... Caila is a true blue HATER even on twitter
912. LanceT said on 12/4/16 - 10:28AM
She's not in the Show cause she didn't make the required 120 weight. Christy clocks in 135 she still beautiful
913. Pete said on 12/4/16 - 10:29AM
Thats Bu****** Why do they like them so skinny?
914. Wayne K64 said on 12/4/16 - 10:30AM
Theres this look she gives in afew of her pictures and I know she's reaching out to me...
915. Taracowgirl said on 12/4/16 - 10:31AM
I wonder what she's like in person?
916. Geoff said on 12/4/16 - 10:32AM
Everything she wants she's got it if she'd only follow me or give the time of day
917. TMartinez said on 12/4/16 - 10:32AM
That chick is out of your league,, they all are.
918. SethP said on 12/4/16 - 10:53AM
I don't think anyones out of my league. It's all in how you treat someone.
919. TeriH said on 12/4/16 - 10:54AM
920. JennyG. said on 12/4/16 - 10:56AM
You really went to middle school with chrisanna ?
921. Brian F. said on 12/4/16 - 10:59AM
Yes, her and Kendall Alice C Stella Middle School. She was a total tomboi.. base ball cap and all, and she played little league ice hockey she was go getter than too..
922. LanceT said on 12/4/16 - 11:01AM
She played hockey I guess I had it all wrong I though she grew up a princess afraid of getting a nail broke lol
923. Brian F. said on 12/4/16 - 11:02AM
Nope she was an athlete up until high school when she tried out for cheerleader.
924. CailaW said on 12/4/16 - 11:03AM
Did she make it on the team or was she one of those loser wannabys who kept trying out but never made it?
925. Brian F. said on 12/4/16 - 11:04AM
Wow Caila you are a HATER FOR REAL! Yes she made it on the team.. I guess you didn't though lol
926. Gabe said on 12/7/16 - 02:19PM
I'm sure my truck could be of some assistance. @SchradeTrain
927. JennyG. said on 12/7/16 - 04:16PM
What kind of truck do you have ?
928. Sara19 said on 12/7/16 - 04:18PM
Who's he talking to?
929. CailaW said on 12/7/16 - 04:19PM
Me dork!
930. kelliflorida said on 12/7/16 - 04:20PM
Who is he?
931. Oggie J said on 12/7/16 - 04:22PM
Who cares.... where's CM why doesn't she ever respond to my tweets or messages?
932. Brian F. said on 12/7/16 - 04:24PM
Cause she knows your a cockless tool lol
933. Mandi l said on 12/7/16 - 04:25PM
Levy I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you muah
934. Wayne K64 said on 12/7/16 - 04:27PM
Was she in the VS show the other night?
935. JessieNBF said on 12/7/16 - 04:29PM
No she didn't make it this year but she was in 2014-15 show. I guess couldn't make it too many bookings.
936. Pete l said on 12/7/16 - 04:30PM
No people mag said that she could make weight. she is 137 but has to be 120 by show time.
937. Dan W22 said on 12/7/16 - 04:31PM
938. SethP said on 12/7/16 - 04:32PM
She's 5'9" and built she's not fat you piss ant!!
939. katie said on 12/7/16 - 04:33PM
RIGHT... besides she makes more money then you/ll ever see in your life time.
940. Keller O. said on 12/7/16 - 04:38PM
Where's Levy???
941. JennyG. said on 12/8/16 - 10:46AM
SchradeTrain are you closer friends or with CM? I was just asking because of your comment.. It sounded like you lived close by
942. RyanH#59 Seminoles said on 12/8/16 - 10:49AM
943. GregT#68 said on 12/8/16 - 10:51AM
Loser.... LOL
944. JennyG. said on 12/8/16 - 06:49PM
Congratulations Christy I am so happy for your new contract.
945. LanceT said on 12/8/16 - 06:50PM
Go Get'Em Girly I love you..
946. Adam #23 FSU said on 12/8/16 - 06:51PM
Your Biggest Fan =) Answer my friend request
947. Sara19 said on 12/8/16 - 06:52PM
Wow I love the new 2017 comp card I didn't realize you were shooting so much,, your very pretty
948. Adam #23 FSU said on 12/8/16 - 06:52PM
949. katie said on 12/8/16 - 06:53PM
Congrats pretty pretty
950. TMartinez said on 12/8/16 - 06:53PM
Marry Me =) I can make you happy
951. Adam #23 FSU said on 12/8/16 - 06:59PM
952. katie said on 6/15/17 - 12:21PM
Is Marius the new face of Mayhem ?
953. Geoff said on 6/15/17 - 12:23PM
Christie you are so beautiful muah xoxox
954. Sara19 said on 6/15/17 - 12:23PM
I want to be a rookie and travel the world
955. CailaW said on 6/15/17 - 12:25PM
Rookie kyle.. where are you on twitter and is Christy high maintenance and can I come along with you guys on tour?
956. LanceT said on 6/15/17 - 12:26PM
This is Rookie Kyle where do you play ball?
957. RyanH#59 Seminoles said on 6/15/17 - 12:27PM
CMarciano.. i wont you ever write me back on twitter huh, huh, huh,??? love girlll
958. Dan W22 said on 6/15/17 - 12:28PM
959. HaileyTX said on 6/15/17 - 12:29PM
I can't find Kyle on twitter??
960. Adam #23 FSU said on 6/15/17 - 12:29PM
Christie where in Italy were you born?
961. Taracowgirl said on 6/15/17 - 12:30PM
Hi Levy =)
962. Mandi l said on 6/15/17 - 12:31PM
Morgan is tryout again? Girl don't you get it THEY DON'T WANT YOUR CRAZY A**
963. Carol B said on 6/15/17 - 12:34PM
I'm following Kyle on twitter I hope he notices me and want to hangout sometime.. He hot goto kylealward7
964. FawnB said on 6/15/17 - 12:34PM
Hey thanks I found him =)
965. Sara19 said on 6/15/17 - 12:35PM
Hes the new HOT BOI
966. Gail T. said on 6/15/17 - 12:36PM
What happen to Sean from last year?
967. Adam #23 FSU said on 6/15/17 - 12:37PM
He kicked everybody's A** in the rookie core won all the marble and went on tour...
968. Luke Bang said on 6/27/17 - 12:06PM
I'm the one to follow me and Christie are the NEW POWER TEAM going to take this all the way
969. CailaW said on 6/27/17 - 12:06PM
We love you Luke Your soooooooooooooooooo Hot
970. Sara19 said on 6/27/17 - 12:07PM
Luke I saw how your in first 1st place can you hold on to it?
971. Taracowgirl said on 6/27/17 - 12:09PM
My favorites are Luke & Tyler.. Didn't Chriss & Tyler use to date?
972. kelliflorida said on 6/27/17 - 12:10PM
I like that Kyle guy besides he has a picture of him and Chris together on his twitter #REALTIME
973. FawnB said on 6/27/17 - 12:11PM
Luke has my vote
974. Brian F. said on 6/27/17 - 12:13PM
Christie is my favorite I like her B**** and Lips and EVERYTHING.. I'm Dogg but I Own it!
975. Wayne K64 said on 6/27/17 - 12:14PM
When she was a rookie with VS I thought she was too skinny now she looks alot healthier
976. Lassie said on 6/27/17 - 12:15PM
How do these models stay in shape year round?
977. BIG JIM said on 6/27/17 - 12:16PM
Christie;s coming home with me follow BIG JIM ON INSTAGRAM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
978. nancy k said on 6/27/17 - 12:27PM
Lucas has serious abs
979. Sara19 said on 6/27/17 - 12:27PM
NO no it's Luke All the way
980. kelliflorida said on 6/27/17 - 12:28PM
I want to travel to exotic locals... Take me Chris
981. E TELEVISION said on 6/27/17 - 12:31PM
If you've every wanted to live just like Christy, we have good news for you. COMING IN AUGUST THE MAKING OF THE 2017 SWIMISSUE BEL SOL COMING TO "E"
982. JessieNBF said on 6/27/17 - 12:31PM
Hey I saw that on "e" twitter she's going to rich rich rich...
983. Janice34 said on 6/27/17 - 01:17PM
I could see Luke and Chris being the Power couple I'd vote for that
984. Daisy H said on 6/27/17 - 01:19PM
You never hear anything about that Aaron dude???
985. Sara19 said on 6/27/17 - 01:20PM
Tyler's hot but Luke is UNREAL OH BABE
986. FawnB said on 6/27/17 - 01:21PM
987. nancy k said on 6/27/17 - 01:22PM
Thank you Luke for the follow on instagram
988. Luke Bang said on 6/27/17 - 01:24PM
Thank you to all my fabs for all the likes and follows over the weekend.. Christie thanks you too even though she wont admit it lol I love that girl PS You kicked my butt in swimming this time C I want a rematch =)
989. JacobTexas said on 6/28/17 - 02:19PM
I love you C I hope you make it on the runway of VS this season.. Go Get'em Babe
990. Mandi l said on 6/28/17 - 02:20PM
Luke will be ask Christie if she would please follow me on twitter
991. Gail T. said on 6/28/17 - 02:21PM
What happen to Collin?
992. LanceT said on 6/28/17 - 02:22PM
He got the boot.. He couldn't keep up with the big boi's
993. ModelTravis said on 6/28/17 - 02:23PM
It's a big job I know I've been a rookie for 4 years and I'm still trying to get on with them..
994. Morgan16 said on 6/28/17 - 02:26PM
Travis, I've been trying out with you for 3 of those years and your not making it because you CAN ONLY HEAR THE SOUND OF YOUR OWN VOICE LOL
995. Brandy l said on 6/28/17 - 02:26PM
Marius & Luke are two of my favorites
996. KevinH. said on 6/28/17 - 02:28PM
Hey CM Can I come on tour with you this season?
997. Adam #23 FSU said on 6/28/17 - 02:29PM
Yea me too
998. nancy k said on 6/28/17 - 02:29PM
Is levy still a crew member?
999. SethP said on 6/28/17 - 02:30PM
Yea he's an executive producer and he's a pretty good gamer on youtube
1000. RyanH#59 Seminoles said on 6/28/17 - 02:31PM
Country Boi Levy is taking it all the way>
1001. HaileyTX said on 6/28/17 - 02:32PM
Where can I see Levy play?
1002. SethP said on 6/28/17 - 02:33PM
Hold on I'll find out..
1003. footballislife said on 6/28/17 - 02:34PM
I have a question for ChrisM Are you single? and what kinda guys do you like?
1004. HellBoi said on 6/28/17 - 06:46PM
The only person I know she was dating was Zac and boy did he have the life.. pick me pick me
1005. katie said on 6/28/17 - 06:47PM
The were a cute.. Is she dating anyone now?
1006. JennyG. said on 6/28/17 - 06:48PM
I've been following her on twitter and I haven't seen anyone mentioned??
1007. SethP said on 6/28/17 - 06:50PM
I remember when she first came on the scene her Kendall, & GiGi I really liked Chris cause she didn't seem like the rest always partying, and she seems real generous. Levy is Lucky case in point!
1008. RyanH#59 Seminoles said on 6/28/17 - 06:52PM
I use to be on the dreamteam crew in 2014 and I had a blast THX C for all the memories.. I still owe you a snickers lol Come get girl you know my number
1009. Kyle said on 6/29/17 - 01:36PM
Hey guys! Been super busy with work and my daughter I'm going to try to get on here more often to chat! Hows everyone doing?!
1010. FawnB said on 6/29/17 - 01:38PM
who is Kyle?
1011. GregT#68 said on 6/29/17 - 01:39PM
Isn't he the guy who a crew member a few years back but was kicked out for acting like an a** on tour. lol
1012. JennyG. said on 6/29/17 - 01:40PM
Oh yea I remember him lol that was funny
1013. Sara19 said on 6/29/17 - 04:42PM
Hi Kyle, are a friend of Christy's ?
1014. kelliflorida said on 6/29/17 - 04:44PM
Sara19 I think he's a new rookie. Hi Kyle How is everything going with your first year with the DT?
1015. LanceT said on 6/29/17 - 04:45PM
Tell Christie I love love love her and will she please take me on her next tour =)
1016. Taracowgirl said on 6/29/17 - 04:46PM
Tyler- didn't you go to the MTV Video awards with CM in 2016?
1017. Geoff said on 6/29/17 - 04:47PM
No that was Zac from Florida State
1018. TylerBone said on 6/29/17 - 04:48PM
No no it was me but I missed the flight back from partying to much
1019. Kyle said on 6/30/17 - 07:58AM
Ya I'm one of Christies friends and its going well! There are some really great people that make this calendar a reality and I'm stoked for the opportunity to be a part of it!
1020. murder-to-day- said on 6/30/17 - 08:04AM
Hello folks thank you very much for the mention I will be streaming later this evening @MURDER-TO-DAY- STOP BY AND SAY HEY =)
1021. Kyle said on 6/30/17 - 08:08AM
Oh BTW TrishW we know Christie pretty well. I do at least haha we talk on the phone a few times a day. I try to get down to see her every week or two. And yes I'm on twitter go to Christies profile and look who she is following!
1022. TrishW said on 6/30/17 - 05:08PM
Oh wow, do you get to fly out and hang with all the other supermodels? What is that life like?
1023. HaileyTX said on 6/30/17 - 05:10PM
She's seems really nice from I've followed on "E" twitter are you going to be part of the "E" Show?
1024. Sara19 said on 6/30/17 - 05:11PM
Kyle- are you guys just friends or is there more?
1025. kelliflorida said on 6/30/17 - 05:12PM
Yea thats what I was going to ask?
1026. TylerBone said on 6/30/17 - 05:13PM
OMG That is the Sh** Is she pretty high maintenance? Or low key
1027. Sara19 said on 6/30/17 - 05:14PM
She's Italian right?
1028. JacobTexas said on 6/30/17 - 05:15PM
kyle I've been following CM since she was 15 just starting out why wont she text or tweet back
1029. BIG JIM said on 6/30/17 - 05:16PM
How did you get to be so lucky?
1030. Dan W22 said on 6/30/17 - 05:17PM
1031. FawnB said on 6/30/17 - 05:18PM
So did you make the team or are you still auditioning?
1032. Wayne K64 said on 6/30/17 - 05:19PM
Tell christy I said hey I love you FOLLOW ME ALREADY ON TWITTER COME ON NOW !!!!
1033. GregT#68 said on 6/30/17 - 05:21PM
What is a normal day for CM and does she really have a ROTT?
1034. Daisy H said on 6/30/17 - 05:22PM
I love you Kyle your HOTTTT Are you guys dating?
1035. Oggie J said on 6/30/17 - 05:23PM
1036. Kyle said on 6/30/17 - 07:49PM
Sorry I won't get to all your questions guys but to answer a few her normal day consists of waking up as early as 3 to hit the gym followed by shoots and fittings for various clients usually another gym session and she has a few tv shows she likes to watch at night like Big Bang Theory haha. Yes she has a Rott hes a pretty cool pup. I still have to audition like everyone else I'm just fortunate to know Christie and have her help along the way!
1037. HaileyTX said on 7/1/17 - 06:40AM
Thats awesome, do you get to go on the shoots, or travel with her?
1038. kelliflorida said on 7/1/17 - 06:42AM
OMG her schedule sounds CRA CRA I couldn't do it. I like drinking and partying way to much ha ha
1039. Lauren K said on 7/1/17 - 06:44AM
E News Reported that all the Rookie Angels are in NY shooting promo's Desert Angel ads did you go with?
1040. Dan W22 said on 7/1/17 - 06:45AM
Oh I saw that.. everyone looks sexy as hell.
1041. JennyG. said on 7/1/17 - 06:46AM
Can I ask you to ask Christie if she will please follow me on twitter?
1042. HellBoi said on 7/1/17 - 06:47AM
How did you guys meet?
1043. Oggie J said on 7/1/17 - 06:47AM
Are you in New York now?
1044. footballislife said on 7/1/17 - 06:48AM
Is Brian and Chris dating ?
1045. Geoff said on 7/1/17 - 06:49AM
1046. CailaW said on 7/1/17 - 06:50AM
I saw a picture on your twitter of you guys hanging out with Levy he's he pretty chill?
1047. FawnB said on 7/1/17 - 06:52AM
Kyle are you facebook?
1048. Iggy 34 said on 7/1/17 - 06:53AM
Marius is a monster ha ha in a good way
1049. Gail T. said on 7/1/17 - 06:54AM
Kyle- would you say you guys are close friends or just face friends?
1050. Daisy H said on 7/1/17 - 06:54AM
Good Question-
1051. Mandi l said on 7/1/17 - 06:55AM
I saw the Angels shooting in Puerto Rico in 2015 and I would do anything to be friends with anyone of them
1052. n said on 7/1/17 - 06:56AM
Do you think you'll make it on the team?
1053. BIG JIM said on 7/1/17 - 06:58AM
We live in a world where the beautiful people have the life everyone else would give anything just peak into Your a lucky Man DON'T BLOW IT WE'VE SEEM MANY COME AND GO... HOPEFULLY YOU'LL STAY AWHILE
1054. Kyle said on 7/1/17 - 08:57AM
No Brian and Christie are not dating haha he's a trainer at the gym she goes to so they run into each other a lot. Ya Levy is way cool, just a good ole country boy that will kick your ass at video games lol.
1055. JessieNBF said on 7/1/17 - 11:23AM
lol TOOL so Brian is a poser ha ha
1056. kelliflorida said on 7/1/17 - 11:23AM
1057. Bailey S said on 7/1/17 - 11:24AM
1058. Gail T. said on 7/1/17 - 11:25AM
So are you and Christie talking? or NO?
1059. Lauren K said on 7/1/17 - 11:26AM
Kyle- Yea whats going on with you CM Friends? More? Could?
1060. Mandi l said on 7/1/17 - 11:28AM
Man I love this,, where else in the world can we get in on the drama first hand.. KYLE YOU ROCK thankx for pulling the plug on Brian
1061. BIG JIM said on 7/1/17 - 11:29AM
So is she dating anyone at all and can you put in a good word for me =)
1062. HaileyTX said on 7/1/17 - 11:31AM
Wait how does Kyle know all this inside stuff on Chris and what if he's just like Brian he's rookie too and we found out different so who's to say this Kyle dude even knows her besides that one picture on his twitter?? That could be a one time deal.. THINK ABOUT
1063. OUTLAWTEXAS said on 7/1/17 - 11:33AM
She's got a point! Can this Kyle dude prove he even knows Christie besides one pic that was taken when?
1064. HaileyTX said on 7/1/17 - 11:34AM
Right Right,, He could just be posing as a freind who hangs around supermodels to get points like that one rookie from 2014 what was his name?
1065. Daisy H said on 7/1/17 - 11:35AM
RYAN ha ha lol I remember that.. But lets not judge to quickly he could be on the up and up..
1066. HaileyTX said on 7/1/17 - 11:36AM
1067. nancy k said on 7/1/17 - 11:38AM
Yea- but its got to be from here twitter page to yours
1068. Taracowgirl said on 7/1/17 - 11:40AM
Don't take it personal Kyle most of us have been following CM for years and we've had plenty of rookies and freaks from all walks of life making statements that we just took as REAL..
1069. Jennifer ohiostate said on 7/1/17 - 11:41AM
Give him a chance people..
1070. Adam #23 FSU said on 7/1/17 - 11:42AM
I just want her to FOLLOW me so I can be on that other level
1071. Landon C said on 7/1/17 - 11:44AM
Kyle- you said you guys talk all the time.. Can I get her number JK
1072. KevinH. said on 7/1/17 - 11:45AM
I wanna hang out with you guys =)
1073. Travis said on 7/1/17 - 11:47AM
I'm a rookie with Kyle, and I think he's worth listening to.. Christie doesn't let alot of people into her inner circle and you guys know I've been auditioning since 2014.. and I don't have a photo of her and me but I'm still trying lol..
1074. Morgan16 said on 7/1/17 - 11:48AM
You crack me up Trav,,
1075. Adam #23 FSU said on 7/1/17 - 11:50AM
I just want to go on tour ha ha ha Oh and take CM to dinner and a movie BIG FAN HUGE!!!
1076. Dan W22 said on 7/1/17 - 08:21PM
OMG did you see the glitter photo that just dropped? Her boobs are so perfect..
1077. FawnB said on 7/1/17 - 08:21PM
They can't be real.
1078. KevinH. said on 7/1/17 - 08:22PM
NO her's are real.. They had article about who's were real and who's weren't she fell into the REAL catagory!
1079. Landon C said on 7/1/17 - 08:23PM
I saw that article.. any who cares she's HOTT
1080. BIG JIM said on 7/1/17 - 08:23PM
I know right..
1081. SethP said on 7/1/17 - 08:23PM
Perfection Achieved
1082. katie said on 7/1/17 - 08:24PM
Hold on I have to copy that pic from twitter before they lock me out.
1083. Morgan16 said on 7/1/17 - 08:25PM
1084. Kyle said on 7/2/17 - 08:57AM
Haha you guys crack me up. Don't believe everything you hear! When she calls me this morning I'll see if I can get her to post something to me for you guys. If you guys follow me or her on twitter IG or FB you can see her liking and commenting on my stuff not to mention she does actually follow me and she follows less than like 100 people. Either way you guys will see eventually the truth always comes out I got nothin to hide!
1085. JennyG. said on 7/2/17 - 07:23PM
I check she is following him
1086. BIG JIM said on 7/2/17 - 07:24PM
Could tell CM to follow me or give a shout out?
1087. JacobTexas said on 7/2/17 - 07:24PM
Yea me too
1088. JennyG. said on 7/2/17 - 07:26PM
You never answered the question kyle are you guys talking or what?
1089. Mandi l said on 7/2/17 - 07:27PM
Yea whats up with that?
1090. kelliflorida said on 7/2/17 - 07:28PM
I think thats a fair question?
1091. julian said on 7/2/17 - 07:29PM
Hey C how was Hawaii did you get some great shots?
1092. Brian F. said on 7/2/17 - 07:30PM
He's stalling!
1093. Kyle said on 7/7/17 - 07:02PM
Hope your guys 4th of July was awesome! Christie spent hers BBQing with her close family, she loves to cook! Like I said before we talk throughout the day some days more than others work has been pretty crazy for both of us lately!
1094. ELITE>ADMIN said on 7/27/17 - 10:50AM
1095. JennyG. said on 7/1/18 - 08:40AM
Its about time geez.. Hi Christalina How is supermodel life?
1096. Adam #23 FSU said on 7/1/18 - 08:41AM
I know right.. I though they would never open this thing.
1097. FawnB said on 7/1/18 - 08:41AM
OMG Levy is the photographer now?
1098. Sara19 said on 7/1/18 - 08:42AM
CONGRATULATIONS LEVY.. I' know your going to kill it!Which calendar are shooting?
1099. JacobTexas said on 7/1/18 - 08:43AM
Is this the year for the reality show?
1100. LanceT said on 7/1/18 - 08:44AM
I saw an advertisement on E for coming in fall 2019 CHASE THE SUN..
1101. powerranger said on 7/1/18 - 08:45AM
thats my uncle levy
1102. JacobTexas said on 7/1/18 - 08:46AM
Babe I'm the on you use to hold on to.. Love Girl you look sooooo hot you wear success well
1103. JessieNBF said on 7/1/18 - 08:46AM
You use to date Christie?
1104. JacobTexas said on 7/1/18 - 08:47AM
Yes! before she was famous.. she was my C and I her tiger...
1105. OUTLAWTEXAS said on 7/1/18 - 08:48AM
WOW are you serious? You dated Chris Anne? like for real?
1106. cologirl21 said on 7/1/18 - 08:50AM
I use to date Lakoda in the 8th grade.. I never knew he was into modleing
1107. rubenmoya said on 7/1/18 - 08:52AM
Who are dating little girl? will you please write me back this is ruben m
1108. mattaraty said on 7/1/18 - 08:52AM
Hey C this is Matt Haraty on linked your hot girl
1109. max roho said on 7/1/18 - 08:54AM
You have got to be the sexiest swimsuit model alive
1110. HaileyTX said on 7/1/18 - 08:55AM
People Mag said you are one of the hottest swim models to watch this season.. I think your too skinny nice boobs though
1111. JennyG. said on 7/1/18 - 08:56AM
Marius marius marius what BOD
1112. Morgan16 said on 7/1/18 - 08:57AM
Levy can we please hang out.. I'll feed you taco bell and tell you bed time stories while I rub your feet
1113. Travis said on 7/1/18 - 08:59AM
I can't believe Sean took my place our rookie year and now he's a face model? WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT
1114. Morgan16 said on 7/1/18 - 08:59AM
LOL loser Travis.. what is this your 7th year tring out as a crew member and they still don;t want you lol
1115. katie said on 7/1/18 - 09:00AM
Is Lakoda a new rookie?
1116. nancy k said on 7/1/18 - 09:00AM
Who is Gabriel?
1117. SethP said on 7/1/18 - 09:01AM
How do I get on the 2018 Dreamteam Crew message blog?
1118. Daisy H said on 7/1/18 - 09:06AM
I can see it now... I predict Sean taking it all he looks determined
1119. a said on 7/1/18 - 09:06AM
What happen to him last year? He kinda fell off the map
1120. Taracowgirl said on 7/1/18 - 09:07AM
Who cares he's back now with a vengeance
1121. nancy k said on 7/1/18 - 09:08AM
I think Sean & Christie look like a strong team.. Marius live in Germany or somewhere..He can't hold it
1122. Ryanmodel said on 7/1/18 - 09:10AM
I use to be a rookie for the Dreamteam Crew it was by far the best time I ever had! Thank you C Murder for the Hawaii
1123. Sara19 said on 7/1/18 - 09:11AM
I remember when u were the Nike model what are you up too now?
1124. TeriH said on 7/1/18 - 09:11AM
Sean,, can I carry your bags on tour?
1125. Adam #23 FSU said on 7/1/18 - 09:12AM
One day I'm going to marry that women.. she' smart, driven and sexy as hell.. plus she knows how to cook
1126. CailaW said on 7/1/18 - 09:15AM
Where are you guys going on tour this year and I can be apart of the reality show?
1127. FawnB said on 7/1/18 - 09:16AM
Levy is so cute muah xoxoxo
1128. Daisy H said on 7/1/18 - 09:17AM
Sean & levy when are your articles going to post?
1129. kelliflorida said on 7/1/18 - 09:17AM
I've been clicking on it but it wont open up?
1130. mattaraty said on 7/1/18 - 09:20AM
Wow that chick is HOT will you please please please have my babe hit me up on Insta @ XXXXX
1131. JennyG. said on 7/1/18 - 09:21AM
Sean,, are you guys really close like real friends or is it just for the cameras?
1132. Wayne K64 said on 7/1/18 - 09:22AM
What is Christy's favorite color? and are Kendall Jenner and her really close?
1133. John from Iowa said on 8/22/18 - 02:09PM
Absolutely thee most awesome goddess on the planet, tall, the prettiest hair and eyes, a jaw dropping figure highlighted by thee most perfectly awesome set of 42DDs on a lady, and a wonderful personality, absolutely thee total package, Christie
1134. John from Iowa said on 8/31/18 - 04:19PM
Hi Christie, I understand why you left Linkedin, there are some horrible people on there, send me an email sweetheart jmartenson61@gmail.com, i look forward to hearing from you my dear, hope all is well with you, take care and be safe
1135. John from Iowa via Linkedin said on 11/21/18 - 11:30AM
Hello Christie, I miss you, babydoll, what plans do you have for New Years Eve?
1136. John from Iowa via linkedin said on 12/15/18 - 08:41AM
Hello there Christy, I do think of you quite often, hope all is well with you, take care and be safe
1137. Daisy H said on 3/10/19 - 07:02PM
Okay now that they finally opened this sh** I just want to say I love you Thane are you dating anyone?
1138. KevinH. said on 3/10/19 - 07:03PM
He got to be with Christie and why not she's hottt as HELLLLLLLO muah babe cakes
1139. Taracowgirl said on 3/10/19 - 07:05PM
Levy seems really quiet and shy.. Sean on the other hand looks like he"ll just rip your cloths off and have his way...YES
1140. Wayne K64 said on 3/10/19 - 07:06PM
ha ha ha thats funny.. no but seriously is christie a nice a person or b**** thats my question
1141. FawnB said on 3/10/19 - 07:07PM
Why would you ask that?
1142. Wayne K64 said on 3/10/19 - 07:07PM
Cause she never responds to message I send her
1143. Adam #23 FSU said on 3/10/19 - 07:12PM
I wish I could go to an award show with her.. I would love to live that kind of life.
1144. LanceT said on 3/10/19 - 07:14PM
I would get her & Kendall pregnant and use them up for all their money
1145. Sara19 said on 3/10/19 - 07:15PM
Your a DICK thats the reason why they don't comment back because of pricks like you!
1146. Adam #23 FSU said on 3/10/19 - 07:24PM
Hey everyone... I'm in love
1147. Camfootball said on 3/10/19 - 07:26PM
No no no what is your favorite position????
1148. Adam #23 FSU said on 3/10/19 - 07:27PM
Are you and Thane a thing or what and if not can I get in on it?
1149. JennyG. said on 3/10/19 - 07:28PM
Thane and Sean are the only ones who look like she would hang out with them
1150. Brian F. said on 3/11/19 - 01:27AM
Chris what is your favorite color?
1151. kaitlynndenver girl said on 3/20/19 - 10:40AM
Hey I know that guy (Sean) he from POF
1152. Lauren K said on 3/20/19 - 10:40AM
Everybody says they know a celebrity so whats your story?
1153. JennyG. said on 3/20/19 - 10:42AM
She's lying. why would he be on POF he hangs around alot better looking celebs than that chick
1154. Taracowgirl said on 3/20/19 - 10:42AM
I'm all about Thane but he and chrisanna look really stuck or too good for us regular folk
1155. KevinH. said on 3/20/19 - 10:43AM
I think your just hating cause hey wont message you back
1156. Sara19 said on 3/20/19 - 10:45AM
Wait, just watch Thane is going to be walking the Red Carpet with CM and then you'll realize why he hasn't messaged you lol
1157. mathewcali said on 3/20/19 - 10:47AM
Are you serious. She is such a b**** I've been messaging her and the rest of the swim models for years and they never even send me as much as a Christmas wish.
1158. Wayne K64 said on 3/20/19 - 10:49AM
1159. kellig said on 3/20/19 - 10:49AM
Is Levy single?
1160. Sara19 said on 3/20/19 - 10:50AM
I know right..Levy at least is on twitter thane must be too good for us
1161. carrieasu said on 3/20/19 - 10:54AM
I liked watching the pod cast of the making of the swimsuit issue from Zac & Christie days they were a cute couple.. I'm sure if they were dating or not but they were cute
1162. jaybrandson said on 3/20/19 - 10:55AM
I remember them from ATO I thinks she's solo now
1163. emilybroncofan said on 3/20/19 - 10:57AM
Really,, no way they look so real
1164. nancyp11 said on 3/20/19 - 10:58AM
She pretty who cares. I bought a calendar last time I'll buy one this time too
1165. AaronC said on 3/20/19 - 11:01AM
I seriously need to look Thane up I know him from high school he plays on our football team maybe he can give me a hook up with chris
1166. jaybrandson said on 3/20/19 - 11:03AM
She had her lips done?
1167. jaybrandson said on 3/20/19 - 11:03AM
Yes dude thats the thing now
1168. KevinH. said on 3/20/19 - 11:04AM
Who cares she's sexy as F*** and has money moey and more money
1169. Wayne K64 said on 3/20/19 - 11:08AM
She's never going to message you guy. You have to be rich to hear back from one one of those chicks
1170. mathewcali said on 3/20/19 - 11:10AM
When is tour?
1171. Sara19 said on 3/20/19 - 11:12AM
Lakoda or Dakota whatever look like a nice guy is he the model?
1172. Taracowgirl said on 3/20/19 - 11:12AM
No think Thane is. i'd through him some dollars
1173. prettygirlco said on 3/20/19 - 11:13AM
My boy friend use to be a crew member but I put an end to that sh**.
1174. nancyp11 said on 3/20/19 - 11:14AM
1175. MitchellMcheer said on 3/20/19 - 11:15AM
Thane please accept my friend request on face we can hang sometime
1176. henry#45 said on 3/20/19 - 04:46PM
I want a supermodel for a friend
1177. Texasman88 said on 3/20/19 - 04:53PM
I like christi thats all that matters she's my future girl!
1178. jaybrandson said on 3/20/19 - 04:54PM
You will never get a girl like that keep dreaming.
1179. RobertS64 said on 3/20/19 - 04:57PM
She is, and she looks alot better since she had her lips done like Kylea
1180. Adam #23 FSU said on 3/20/19 - 05:07PM
Hi Christie :)
1181. kaitlynndenver girl said on 3/20/19 - 05:10PM
I want to get in on that mulla
1182. Daisy H said on 3/20/19 - 05:12PM
June or May is when the simulcast windows go live
1183. zshighlands said on 3/20/19 - 05:18PM
C this is your ex what are doing these days why haven't heard from you

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